A Little Bit Can Go a Long Way


If you want your horse to continuously respond to the bit with the lightest cue on the reins you may want use an aluminum shanked bit. These are good mild bits to use when you transition your colt from a snaffle. They also work well on sensitive horses that are light in the face. They are lighter weight because aluminum weighs less than steel. This means less pressure on the mouth compared to bits with steel shanks.

The mouthpieces in these aluminum shanked bits http://bit.ly/1PjQqn2 are made of mild steel with copper strips inlaid in the steel. The copper tastes better to a horse than steel and will help promote salivation. Like a well-oiled machine, the flow of saliva keeps the mouthpiece moving freely in the mouth. This movement is important for communication between your hands and the horse’s mouth. Even the most subtle cue on the reins will be transferred to the mouthpiece via the bit shanks is a horse’s mouth is moist. The mild steel mouthpieces will rust over time. Rust, like copper, is well accepted by horses.

Bits with aluminum shanks are a nice option when a horse needs a softer signal than a steel bit. They can be exceptionally good for introducing a sensitive colt to a shanked bit from a snaffle bit. These also work well on nervous or tense horses and on any sensitive horse that’s light in the face and needs a mild bit. Many horses can be ridden continuously in this bit. These bits offer the ultimate in feel and control when you need a light touch.

Dennis Moreland Tack makes balanced aluminum shanked bits in both 7 and 8 inch shanks. They are available with a variety of steel mouthpieces with copper strips to suit the individual horse’s needs. Take a look here: http://bit.ly/1PjQqn2 or call 817-312-5305.

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