Tack Tip by Dennis Moreland 3-9-16

Do You Remember To Do These Two Quick & Easy Checks Before You Ride?

Tack Tip by Dennis Moreland 3-9-16

Incorporating these 2 simple steps into your saddling routine can help keep both you and your horse safe says Dennis Moreland Tack!

  1. Always brush your horse’s entire body before saddling. This will not only remove caked-on dirt and debris that could cause sores under the saddle but will give you a chance to see any cuts or sores that may have developed since you last groomed.
  2. While grooming, pay special attention to the area between the front legs where the cinch/girth will be tightened.
  3. Feel between the legs and under the belly before tightening the cinch, even if you’ve brushed there (A). It’s important to pull off your gloves and feel this area carefully because it’s really easy to miss a sand burr etc. with a brush. It takes only a few seconds and can keep you from getting bucked off and your horse from possibly getting a sore spot from the debris.
  4. After you have your saddle pad or blanket and saddle positioned correctly on your horse’s back stand at his left shoulder and tuck your left hand under the pad at the gullet (B). Lift the pad a couple of inches to form a tent-like space under the pad while lifting your saddle slightly to reposition it over the space you’re making. This space will prevent your saddle pad from pulling down on the withers excessively and will make the pad or blanket more comfortable for your horse.
  5. After you’ve adjusted the pad to make the space observe your saddle’s position again to make sure it’s correct before you tighten your cinch.

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