My Favorite Headstall Design from Matlock Rose

In 1976 my friend Curly Tully and I were at Rex Caubel’s indoor arena in Denton TX for the North Texas Cutting Horse Association’s summer circuit show. As was the common practice in those days we cut for 3 days, had a day off and then cut for 3 more. Late in the afternoon before the day off Curly & I were visiting at my little tack display under the awning of my inline 2 horse trailer. Matlock Rose came up and asked Curly if he needed to work his horses the next day. Curly said no so Matlock said “I want you to come up to the house and see my broodmares”. Then he poked me in the chest with 1 finger and said “I’ve got something I want to give you so be sure and come along”. After looking at Matlock’s hall of fame broodmares Curly and I were getting ready to leave but Matlock insisted we stay for lunch. After lunch, Matlock took a brown paper grocery sack, cut it open, spread it out on the kitchen floor and laid a headstall out on it. Matlock & I were on our hands and knees holding the headstall and drawing it off on the sack. After I thanked Matlock for the pattern he said “you need this, it fits, and I ride it on every horse I ride.” I still make the same great selling headstall today, 40 years later; it’s the Doubled and Stitched Slot Ear Headstall #HS31 .

The short cheek piece on this headstall keeps the buckle away from the horse’s eye. The slot ear is sized right to fit small and large horses. This is such a nice easy headstall to slip on a horse and be on your way. The Doubled and Stitched One Buckle Slot Ear Headstall is made of 5/8 inch race track harness leather lined with oil-tanned lining leather. Race track harness is very dense, fine grained leather which makes it strong but flexible. This is the best leather I can buy. The lining leather feels good against your horse’s face. Check it out here: If you have any questions give us a call 817-312-5305.

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