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High Brow Cat Week 6 Trivia Answer!

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HBC SlideCongratulations to this week’s winner of High Brow Cat apparel! We asked the question — High Brow Cat has had some awesome producing daughters. Name one daughter that has gone on to produce offspring with earnings of more than $100,000. Read more to see the list of those HBC daughters!

Hope you enjoyed playing HBC Trivia! Congratulations to all our winners!

HBC Mares with offspring    
Dam Dam’s YOB  Offspring Earnings 
HIGHBROW SUPERCAT 2002M $851,556.45
BOON SAN KITTY 2000M $832,211.39
SHEZA SMART CAT 1996M $779,949.61
QUITE THE CAT 1995M $646,452.11
CAT MIST 1998M $482,853.51
HISSY CAT 2003M $458,990.86
A CAT ABOVE 2001M $425,700.67
DONAS COOL CAT 2001M $411,867.15
KATZ 1995M $395,397.77
JAE BARS FANCY CAT 2001M $368,550.93
MOONSTRUCK CAT 1997M $335,100.84
CR CATS MEOW 2000M $326,086.72
CATSA MOVIN 1998M $321,652.41
CATS PEPTOLENA 2005M $316,311.08
CATS BOBBY SOX 1994M $285,522.98
MISS WOODY TWO SHOES 2000M $284,759.50
CANCAN KITTY 2002M $282,399.68
CATTILION 2001M $271,059.49
WSR CAT SAN CHICK 1999M $269,219.85
CATS BARMAID CHICK 2000M $267,126.14
KITTENS 2002M $233,164.27
CASSIES KIT CAT 2002M $221,713.72
CAT TUESDAY 2000M $217,773.77
CATS GOOD INTENTIONS 2002M $216,580.04
AUSTIN CAT 1999M $216,213.69
LUCINDAS CATOLENA 2003M $213,764.47
SWISS CAT 2001M $198,682.08
DEES CATS MEOW 2000M $187,533.94
LIL SALLY CAT 1997M $182,755.27
DAINTYS CAT 2000M $181,908.80
A BLACK WIDOW 2001M $172,295.85
SLICK QUICK CAT 1993M $171,566.12
SHADY LITTLE CAT 1994M $158,340.24
DESIRES CAT 2001M $155,265.99
SHOW BIZ KITTY 2003M $153,248.27
HIGH BROW MEOW 1997M $151,183.72
OPUS CAT 2000M $149,777.64
DONT LOOK TWICE 2005M $141,514.25
CAT N GAIL 1998M $137,755.09
RW SALLYCAT 2000M $133,298.85
ETICKETS CAT 2002M $132,329.68
OAKS ROWDYCAT 1999M $132,289.77
PUDDY TAP 2000M $124,885.27
CATS TWISTED WHISKER 2003M $123,169.49
CATS LITTLE GAL 2002M $120,368.58
KITTY CATALAC 2000M $119,311.65
CATS GLAMOUR GIRL 2002M $115,043.85
TUMMYS LITTLE CAT 2002M $112,562.38
SHES ICING ONTHE CAT 2003M $112,423.19
SUES BARN CAT 2001M $112,295.84
RIO GATO 2002M $111,078.18
CATS SULTANA 1993M $109,936.62
CATRINA STARLIGHT 2004M $109,694.93
PUDDYKAT 2005M $107,241.31
MISS BOON CAT 1998M $104,385.17
CATSA DREAMIN 2004M $103,460.80
CAT O CONNOR 2002M $102,270.65
WHOLLY CATS 2001M $101,717.45
LIL VICTORY CAT 2001M $100,278.20