2015 NRHA/Markel Insurance Futurity Prospect Sale

NRHA/Markel Insurance Futurity Prospect Sale
Held Dec. 4, 2015
64 horses consigned
$2,838,700 gross for a $44,355 average
38 sold (59%), $1,801,700 net, $47,413 average and $25,000 median.

Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell. Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

1  PS Mega Shine Chic, $280,000
(5/13/2013 palomino s) (Shine Chic Shine x Megas Sugar Baby x Marthas Mega Jac); Houde/Tremblay Partnership; Adh Mor Ranch.

2  Xtra Jacked Voodoo, $200,000
(6/8/2013 palomino s) (Shiners Voodoo Dr x Wimpys All Jacked Up x Wimpys Little Step); Xtra Quarter Horses; Geir Ramleth.

3  Spooks Gotta Spark, $160,000
(5/29/2013 buckskin s) (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Dolittle Lena x Shining Spark); Garth Brown, Agent; Gaynia Revenberg.

4  Whiz Eli Codie, $135,000
(4/18/2013 sorrel s) (Electric Code x Whiz Stage Doll x Topsail Whiz); Spence/Kristin Bell/Rafter Bell Ranch; Tom Foran.

5/6  Great Red Spook AC, $100,000
(4/30/2013 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x Ms Red Pine Sue x Great Red Pine); Prospects Unlimited LLC; Jay Prather.

5/6  Paleface Gunner, $100,000
(4/24/2013 buckskin s) (Pale Face Dunnit x Conquistador Lena x Conquistador Whiz); Schmersal Reining Horses; Katie Cachat.

7  Xtra Dun Right, $95,000 (RNA) 
(5/2/2013 sorrel s) (Wimpys Little Step x SLJ Dun Juice x Smart Like Juice); Toyon Ranch.

8  Xtra Bamstep, $92,000
(1/30/2013 sorrel s) (Wimpys Little Step x Miss Bam Bam Command x Docs Fritzie Command); Xtra Quarter Horses; Karl Roberts.

9  Gunnatrashtheplace, $90,000 (RNA) 
(3/8/2013 sorrel s) (Gunnatrashya x All Chic N Shiny x Chocolate Chic Olena); Santa Hill Ranch.

10  Whiz N Spook, $75,000 (RNA) 
(5/16/2013 palomino s) (Smart Spook x Whizicle x Topsail Whiz); Equine Plus.

11  HA Shotgun Red, $70,000 (RNA) 
(5/20/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x HA Chic A Tune x Smart Chic Olena); Garth Brown, Agent.

12  Xtra Red Headed Step, $65,000 (RNA) 
(4/24/2013 red roan s) (Wimpys Little Step x A Lasting Attraction x Peptoboonsmal); Xtra Quarter Horses.

13  Chex Out My Dough, $62,000
(4/2/2013 bay s) (Outta Dough x Chexanicki x Bueno Chexinic); Houde/Tremblay Partnership; Casey Hinton.

14  Dual Surprise, $57,000 (RNA) 
(4/23/2013 chestnut s) (Mister Nicadual x Jerrys Surprise x Jerry Lees Surprise); Anderson/Baruch.

15/16  Diamond Coded Joe, $52,000 (RNA) 
(3/7/2013 sorrel s) (Shine Chic Shine x Hot Coded Candy x The Hot Express); Garth Brown, Agent.

15/16  Hollywoodmagicmike, $52,000
(2/27/2013 bay s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Whizards Magic x Whizard Jac); Carr Performance Horses; Charlotte Hahn.

17/19  Guaranteed A Magnum, $50,000
(3/19/2013 bay s) (Magnum With A Dream x Guaranteed By Amos x Primary Pine); Jeromy Lipps; Kristen Cantacuzene.

17/19  Gunners Not Painted (P), $50,000
(1/25/2013 sorrel/solid s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Darlins Not Painted (PT) x Smokin Chic Olena); Carr Performance Horses; Connie Glavis.

17/19  Just A Custom Spook, $50,000
(4/25/2013 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x Wimpys Little Custom x Wimpys Little Step); Sterling Ranch; Justin Zimmerman.

20  Gunners High Roller, $46,000 (RNA) 
(3/6/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Yoplait Light x Grays Starlight); Billy Williams, Agent.

21  Gunnernic AC, $43,000 (RNA) 
(4/30/2013 palomino m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Bopinic x Reminic); Garth Brown, Agent.

22/23  Little Donna, $40,000 (RNA) 
(4/22/2013 bay m) (Gunners Special Nite x This Chex On Top x Topsail Whiz); Pierre-Luc Phaneuf, Agent.

22/23  Pop Shine, $40,000 (RNA) 
(5/5/2013 palomino s) (Shine Chic Shine x MM Tootsie Pop x Lil Ruf Peppy); Amabile Performance Horses.

24  Whizzin Blue Sparks, $38,000 (RNA) 
(4/1/2013 bay s) (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Blues Electric Spark x Jacs Electric Spark); Mike Deer.

25  Special Made Whiskey, $37,000
(4/15/2013 bay s) (Gunners Special Nite x Starlight Acres x Paddys Irish Whiskey); Dean Latimer; Gordon Robinson.

26  Gone Rogue, $33,000 (RNA) 
(4/3/2013 bay s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Lenas Remmi x Reminic); Sean Johnson.

27/28  Fiftyshadesofgray, $32,000 (RNA) 
(4/25/2013 gray m) (Gunnatrashya x Remichic x Reminic); Prospects Unlimited LLC.

27/28  This Wimpy Can Shine, $32,000 (RNA) 
(2/20/2013 palomino s) (Wimpys Little Step x Smart Shiney Lena x Smart Shiner); Cody Stark.

29/31  Dun Wallowing, $30,000
(5/5/2013 buckskin s) (Walla Walla Whiz x Dun Its Black Gold x Hollywood Dun It); Toyon Ranch; Gaynia Revenberg.

29/31  Never Miff A Step, $30,000 (RNA) 
(2/15/2013 palomino s) (Wimpys Little Step x Mifs Doll x Mifillena); Cardinal Ranch.

29/31  Wimpys Gata Shiner, $30,000 (RNA) 
(4/28/2013 palomino m) (Wimpys Little Step x Shinin In Hollywood x Shine Big Time); Santa Hill Ranch.

32/33  Gals N Guns, $29,000 (RNA) 
(3/11/2013 bay m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Dun Step N Out x Wimpys Little Step); Rolling Hills Ranch LLC.

32/33  Hang Orima, $29,000
(2/20/2013 dun s) (Hang Ten Surprize x Dun It Like Torima x Dun Its Cowboy); St-Onge Reining Horses; Janice Thomas.

34/35  Gotta Get Trashed, $28,000
(5/7/2013 red dun s) (Gunnatrashya x Got Mischief x Dun It Gotta Gun); Tallone Reining Horses; Guy DeDona.

34/35  Smokin Starbuck, $28,000 (RNA) 
(4/1/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Silvernbluestarbuck x Smart Starbuck); Billy Williams, Agent.

36/37  Spooks Hickory Berry, $26,000
(5/17/2013 bay s) (Spooks Gotta Gun x DG Hickorys Sparkle x Doc’s Hickory); Baruch Reining Horses, Agent; Juan Julien.

36/37  Turnpike Troubador, $26,000
(4/8/2013 sorrel s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Wallawalla Starshine x Shining Spark); Justin/Mitzi Martin; Robert Santagata.

38/40  Lucky Lil Moonstone, $25,000 (RNA) 
(2/20/2013 palomino s) (Wimpys Little Step x My Lucky Moonstone x Topsail Whiz); Baruch Reining Horses, Agent.

38/40  Spooks Shining Whiz, $25,000
(4/26/2013 sorrel s) (Spooks Gotta Gun x Sayos Shining Whiz x Sayos Shining Sun); Steve Flaherty; Jim Royer.

38/40  Wimpy Margarita, $25,000
(2/14/2013 sorrel s) (Wimpys Little Step x Custom Margarita x Custom Crome); Judy Box Quarter Horses; Sergio Elia.

41A Lil Ruff N Spooky, $23,000 (RNA) 
(2/27/2013 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x Lil Jewel x Lil Ruf Peppy); Bud Roebuck, Agent.

42  Shine Kitty Shine, $20,000
(3/24/2013 palomino m) (Shine Chic Shine x Cowsmart Cat x Smooth As A Cat); Amabile Performance Horses; Jennifer Gilliam.

43  Gottagetchagunsup, $19,500
(4/19/2013 black g) (Spooks Gotta Run x Black Remglo x Jacspin); Ronald Thompson; Michaela Weinlich.

44/45  Slip Away Slydun, $19,000
(3/30/2013 red dun s) (Self Shine x Whizards Magic x Whizard Jac); Billy Williams, Agent; O & W Performance Horses.

44/45  Thatswhatshesays, $19,000
(2/11/2013 cremello m) (Whizkey N Diamonds x Whiz N Nicki x Bueno Chexinic); Sam Smith, Agent; Juau Pablo Balleza Patino.

46/47  Hot Coded Shine, $18,000
(2/7/2013 sorrel s) (Shine Chic Shine x Hot Coded Candy x The Hot Express); Amabile Performance Horses; Jerry Davis.

46/47  Tinker With Spooks, $18,000
(4/20/2013 sorrel s) (Tinker With Guns x Sugarplum Chic x Smart Chic Olena); Toyon Ranch; Janet Heine.

48  GH Smart Donna, $16,000 (RNA) 
(5/7/2013 sorrel m) (Smart Spook x Shining Donna x Shining Spark); Baruch Reining Horses, Agent.

49/51  Diamonds Nmy Whiskey, $15,000
(5/27/2013 buckskin m) (Whizkey N Diamonds x Aces Shining Star x Shiners Ace); Muehlstaetter Performance Horses; Terry/Denise Martin.

49/51  Shine Buttermilk, $15,000
(2/6/2013 buckskin m) (Shine Chic Shine x Ima Roan Starlite x Bay Starlite); Amabile Performance Horses; Alejandro Castenera.

49/51  Shine N Dixie, $15,000
(3/16/2013 sorrel s) (Shine Chic Shine x Nu Dixie Chex x Nu Chex To Cash); Peter De Freitas, Agent; Rudi Kronsteiner.

52  Gunners Smokin Girl, $14,000 (RNA) 
(5/1/2013 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x The Zacktress x Zack T Wood); Billy Williams, Agent.

53/54  Hollywoodannieoakley, $12,000 (RNA) 
(2/2/2013 sorrel m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x The Wimpstress x Wimpys Little Step); Baruch Reining Horses, Agent.

53/54  Taris Lucky Magnum, $12,000 (RNA) 
(3/17/2013 sorrel s) (Magnum Chic Dream x Catalizador Rapido x Taris Catalyst); Baruch Reining Horses, Agent.

55  Ima Shine, $11,500
(3/13/2013 palomino m) (Shine Chic Shine x Ima Roan Starlite x Bay Starlite); Amabile Performance Horses; Anderson Performance Horses.

56  Chocolate N Crome, $10,700
(5/6/2013 sorrel g) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Nestle Quik Chic x Chocolate Chic Olena); Bob Loomis; Matthew Wilson.

57/61  Diamonds N The Light, $10,000
(3/31/2013 sorrel m) (Whizkey N Diamonds x DA Tucker Light x Hit The Lights); Santa Hill Ranch; Sarah Bouchard.

57/61  Pretty Whiz Chrome, $10,000 (RNA) 
(3/15/2013 bay s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Prettywhizprettydoes x Topsail Whiz); Muehlstaetter Performance Horses, Agent.

57/61  Spooky Selection, $10,000
(1/29/2013 chestnut m) (Smart Spook x Select A Forty Five x Smokin 45); Muehlstaetter Performance Horses; Stephanie Boyes.

57/61  Star Spangled Reyner, $10,000
(1/28/2013 sorrel m) (Star Spangled Whiz x Plum Reyning x Mr Solano Rey); Houde/Tremblay Partnership; Jillane Brown.

57/61  Tebow Mercedes, $10,000
(5/7/2013 red dun s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Chic A Dee Hickory x Smart Chic Olena); Bob Loomis; Alejandro Castaneda.

62/64  Hollywoodgossipgirl, $8,000
(4/8/2013 red dun m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Tejons Leanin Fancy x Mr San Olena); Baruch Reining Horses, Agent; Joan Palmer.

62/64  Shez My Whizkey Girl, $8,000
(3/20/2013 buckskin m) (Whizkey N Diamonds x Lenas Tommy Girl x Lenas Sugarman); Santa Hill Ranch; T. Michael Billings.

62/64  Stars Struck, $8,000
(3/12/2013 sorrel m) (Star Spangled Whiz x Wimpys Rose x Wimpys Little Step); Will Letner; Michael Martin.