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Why Gamble With Safety and Success?


My horses are everything to me. I know how important your horses are. I know how much you practice, how hard you try. I know the frustration that goes along with not getting the response you want. I know that without good communication you won’t reach your training goals.

At Dennis Moreland Tack the fit and functionality of each piece of tack is integral in its design and manufacture which ultimately leads to better communication, improved safety and higher levels of success for you and your horses. I know the highs that success brings.

This is borne out in the quality of each piece of tack I make. It begins in the design process. I work very closely with top horsemen and horsewomen to achieve the fit and functionality in each design. Each piece is entirely made by hand. It starts with leather, rope and metals selection; cutting, grinding, edging, rubbing, engraving, all by hand, come next. The pieces are then tested extensively in the training pen, in the arena, on the ranch and on the trail before they are manufactured, each piece by hand, and offered for sale.

I know your horses are everything to you. Dennis Moreland