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Preventing Cinch Sores

Cinch sores or galls are spots on the skin, usually right behind the elbow, where the cinch or cinch buckle has rubbed the wrinkled and sweaty skin in that area until a sore develops. These sores, also called galls, are painful to horses like a blister on your foot while you’re taking a hike. If not treated, the gall can become an open and bloody lesion that is slow to heal. Cinch sores are more common on smaller horses and those without prominent withers.

Clayton Anderson, trainer of 2 year old cutting horses from Weatherford, TX explains why he uses Dennis Moreland handmade roper cinches with round buckles to prevent galls on his horses. He starts his colts using these cinches because the round buckles fit nicely in the small area just behind the elbow. Because cutting bred horses are relatively small and often lacking prominent withers the width of the roper cinch at the belly allows better distribution of the pressure from the tightened cinch. Comfort to the horse is important to Clayton.

Dennis Moreland cinches are handmade of 31 strands of specially blended natural fibers with a small percentage of Dacron woven in to prevent continuous stretching over time. Most cinches available are made with 27 strands or less. The few extra strands are considerably more comfortable to your horse.

The carefully designed buckles are hand-crafted from round stainless steel rod. There are washers on each side of the tongue to hold it vertical and to prevent the cinch fibers from binding up around the tongue and immobilizing it. These cinches are designed to always pull straight which also helps prevents galling. This 31 strand cinch will not curl or stretch and will last through years of hard use. To get more information about the Dennis Moreland Round Ring Roper Cinch visit or call 817-312-5305.

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