NCHA Addresses Super Stakes Program Changes

On Dec. 16, the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) sent out an email addressed to members titled “NCHA Super Stakes Foal/Stallion program.” Recent rumors about the NCHA Super Stakes program have been circulating concerning horses that competed at the 2015 event but were not properly nominated. According to the email, “an internal review of the program has revealed that we have incomplete nomination records on a small percentage of the foals that includes six horses that showed at the 2015 Super Stakes.”

Jim Bret Campbell, who is the executive director of the NCHA, said that the association is working to correct any issues with the program while being transparent with members.

“The goal of the executive committee and the stallion owners committee and staff, is we want to be fair to all of our members who participate in the Super Stakes program,” Campbell said. “We really took two approaches to how we were going to solve and work through this issue. One, we want to make sure that we keep a very successful program continuing in place. The Super Stakes for many years has added over $500,000 in added money to the Super Stakes show. We want to be able to continue that. We have a long-term goal that when the program is fully mature – and I still firmly believe that we can hit this mark – it should add close to $1 million or certainly approach that as the program becomes fully mature and we are able to maximize the foal nominations that we get in.”

The Super Stakes program, which began more than 20 years ago, started as a stallion incentive program, but in 2011 in an attempt to grow purses and share the cost of the program with others besides stallion owners, the NCHA began a foal nomination process. In the past four years, at least 2,000 foals have been nominated to the program each year, and this year nominators received more than $64,000 in rewards from those nominated foals.

“In correcting the issue that some foals that did show at the ’15 show that we could not 100 percent corroborate and document that had nominated, we wanted to be fair to that and the only way that we felt would enable us to be fair to all the members is to refund the penalties minus the nomination fees or subscription fees if it was a stallion, and give everyone the opportunity to catch up,” Campbell said. “They have that opportunity between now and Jan. 15, when they enter the Super Stakes if they want to show at the ’16 show and by May 1 of next year to get everything cleaned up, get everything documented so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the Super Stakes program.”

According to the NCHA’s email, stallion owners will have until Jan. 15, 2016, to subscribe a stallion for the fee of $2,600 if the stallion is not already subscribed, in order for a 6- year-old to compete at the 2016 Super Stakes. By May 1, 2016, stallion owners must subscribe a stallion for any breeding year for the fee of $2,600, if the stallion is not already subscribed, for future Super Stakes. Any penalties that have been paid by a stallion owner going back to the 2012 breeding year will be refunded.

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