High Brow Cat Week 2 Trivia Answer

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HBC TRIVIAHigh Brow CatFor week 2 of the High Brow Cat trivia contest, we asked, High Brow Cat has been crossed on daughters of many different stallions. According to the 2016 QHN Stallion Register, 13 of those magic crosses have produced offspring in earnings of excess of $1 million! Name one of those great dam sires in the comments to be entered.

High Brow Cats Magic Cross list is magical! No stallion has crossed so well on so many different mares as HBC. Here are the 13 Magic Crosses that have gone over the One Million Dollar mark:

Week 2  – Magic Cross

                                 Average earnings        # of money earners           Gross earnings

High Brow Cat               $43,412                      1,590                               $69,025,203

Crossed on daughters of:

Smart Little Lena              $52,808                     166                                 $8,766,118

Dual Pep                          $56,775                     93                                    $5,280,073

Peppy San Badger             $43,936                     109                                    $4,789,049

Grays Starlight                  $45,903                     94                                    $4,314,856

Freckles Playboy                $37,543                     106                                    $3,979,552

Peptoboonsmal                 $47,041                      84                                    $3,951,467

Doc O’Lena                      $52,884                       49                                    $2,591,334

CD Olena                        $67,688                        30                                    $2,030,635

Shorty Lena                     $55,242                       28                                    $1,546,763

Boon Bar                        $95,241                        13                                    $1,238,131

Freckles Merada              $35,051                       34                                    $1,191,723

Docs Stylish Oak             $31,286                        37                                    $1,157,575

Smart Mate                    $75,068                        14                                    $1,050,955

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