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What Everyone Should Know About the Types and Proper Fit of Western Headstalls

There are two main types of western headstalls; the one eared headstall and the browband headstall http://bit.ly/1OBDreB.

The one eared headstall is made in either a slot ear or slide ear design. Either type may be used on trained horses and its personal preference which you choose to ride with. The browband headstall however is used on colts exclusively. The browband on this type headstall will prevent the crown piece from sliding back and raising the bit in the horse’s mouth. The throatlatch will prevent the headstall from being rubbed off or coming off while doubling a colt or during any unexpected quick movements a colt might make with its head. Watch as Dennis Moreland explains the important steps to properly fit your browband headstall.

Dennis Moreland Tack makes a variety of handmade headstalls. These include headstalls made of single ply harness leather, doubled and stitched harness leather, and harness leather with beautiful rawhide braiding. We also make basket stamped headstalls. Check them out here: http://bit.ly/1OBDreB

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