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How to Tie A Hackamore Rein to a Hackamore

If you’ve just purchased a new hackamore or a new rein for a hackamore you already own you will need to know how to attach it. Follow the easy steps below as Dennis Moreland shows you how to tie a hackamore rein to a hackamore.

  1. Fold your rein in half to find the center of the rein.
  2. Turn your hackamore upside down and hold the nose under your chin. Lay the center of the rein across the noseband a few inches from the heel knot.
  3. Take a wrap with the right side of the rein around the right side of the noseband between the length of rein you placed across the noseband in step 2 and the heel knot.
  4. Repeat on the left side.
  5. Pull the knot snug but not too tight.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to take an additional wrap on both sides. Make these wraps between the wraps you just made and the noseband. Pull both wraps tight.

A Hackamore is a great piece of equipment to ride your horse with if you want to ride without putting pressure on the horse’s mouth. Hackamores are often used to start young horses and can help a colt learn to give to the pull of the rein without damaging his sensitive mouth. A lot of horsemen and horsewomen find their horses work better in a hackamore regardless of their age or level of training.

A rider may need to use a variety of reins for various types of riding and on various horses. When you get your new rein or need to switch a rein you already have it’s important to know how to attach it.

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