2015 NRCHA Select Yearling & Broodmare Sale

Held Oct. 3, 2015
80 horses consigned
$1,435,750 gross for a $17,947 average
72 sold (90%), $1,241,250 net, $17,240 average and $10,000 median.

Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

1            Shining CD Light            $100,000
(2/19/2014 sorrel s) (CD Lights x Jennys Spark x Shining Spark); Jim Gauthier; Russell Keegan.

2            Moonstruck Striker            $90,000
(3/1/2014 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Moonstruck Cat x High Brow Cat); Arcese & Oswood.

3            One Stylish Diamond            $63,000 (RNA)
(4/2/2014 red roan m) (One Time Pepto x Diamonds With Style x Playin Stylish); Jeremy Michaelis/Bill Coon.

4            Still Get Jealous            $60,000
(3/14/2014 blue roan s) (One Time Pepto x ARC Cat Her Please x Chic Please); Flag Ranch LLC; Trigg Marquiss.

5            Bet Hes Black            $50,000
(3/18/2014 black s) (Bet Hesa Cat x Soula Jule Forever x Soula Jule Star); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Billie Filippini.

6            One Timin Katie            $46,000
(5/16/2014 red roan m) (One Time Pepto x Katie Starlight x Grays Starlight); Cinder Lakes Ranch; Orlando Gonzalez.

7            SJR One Time Rhonda            $44,000
(3/9/2014 red roan m) (One Time Pepto x Starlights Rhonda x Grays Starlight); San Juan Ranch; Kelby Phillips.

8            Hot Havanna Lights            $41,000
(3/25/2014 sorrel m) (Dual Rey x Havanna Lights x CD Lights); Cinder Lakes Ranch, Agent; David Pratt.

9            Hello Katie            $40,000
(2/5/2014 sorrel m) (Dual Rey x Katies Kitty x High Brow Cat); Allen Chappell/Newt White; Susan Lyle.

10/11            Bet Hesa Boon            $35,000
(5/8/2014 bay roan s) (Bet Hesa Cat x Flo N Blu Boon x Pretty Boy Boon); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Beverly Vaughn.

10/11            Montana Metal            $35,000
(3/8/2014 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Grays Missylight x Grays Starlight); Bitterroot Springs Ranch/Judy Siebel; Beverly Vaughn.

12            Metal Hickory 014            $34,500
(3/14/2014 bay s) (Metallic Cat x Miss Hickory Hill x Doc’s Hickory); James Eakin; Jerry Myers.

13            Classy Lil Kit Kat            $29,000
(3/4/2014 sorrel s) (Kit Kat Sugar x Im Smart And Classy x Tangys Classy Peppy); Chip/Michelle Redding; Sheri Jamieson.

14            Kual Metallic Cat            $28,000 (RNA)
(2/14/2014 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Dual Kual x Dual Pep); Jimmy Kemp Jr..

15            Metallic Cajun            $26,000
(4/12/2014 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Jennys Spark x Shining Spark); Jim Gauthier; Breck Hunsaker.

16            Very Shiney Remedy            $25,500 (RNA)
(1/28/2014 sorrel s) (Very Smart Remedy x Shirley Shine x Shining Spark); Annie Reynolds.

17            Smart Little Autumn            $25,000
(3/12/2014 bay s) (Autumn Acre x Lil Lena Long Legs x Smart Little Lena); Michelle Cannon; Steve Billman.

18            Sparkling Metallic            $24,500
(4/28/2014 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Sparking Train x Shining Spark); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Dean/Kristy McCann.

19            KR Metallic Annie            $22,000
(4/2/2014 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Fancy Zack x Zack T Wood); Tom/Carmen Buckingham; Kathryn Philips.

20/21            Cat L Do            $20,500
(5/15/2014 palomino s) (Cats Merada x Shiney Remedy x Very Smart Remedy); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Dave Balzhiser.

20/21            Metal Freckle            $20,500
(3/27/2014 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Playboys Lucky Dolly x Freckles Playboy); JK Performance Horses/Janet King; Kaylee Filippini.

22/24            Bet The Moolah            $20,000 (RNA)
(2/18/2014 red roan m) (Bet Hesa Cat x Tangy Moo Cha Cha x Tangys Classy Peppy); Coyote Creek Cutting Horses.

22/24            Mo Metallic            $20,000 (RNA)
(6/4/2014 bay roan m) (Metallic Cat x Mo Flo x Mr Peponita Flo); Kit/Charlie Moncrief.

22/24            Special High Brow            $20,000
(3/13/2014 gray m) (High Brow CD x PG Special Edition x Playgun); Flag Ranch LLC; Kelby Phillips.

25/26            CD Cinco De Mayo            $19,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2005 bay m) (CD Royal x CT Sweet Union x Doc’s Hickory); Bred to Dual Rey;  Eric Frietas.

25/26            Hot Shiney Lights            $19,500
(4/7/2014 sorrel m) (CD Lights x Shiners Hot Flash x Shining Spark); Winston Hansma and Danny Motes; Scott Wagner.

27            No Pleasin This Chic            $18,500
(1/1/2002 bay m) (Chic Please x Texas N Telesis x Lenas Telesis); Bred to Im Countin Checks;  Eric Frietas; Loren Macey.

28            One Fine Cat            $18,000
(3/30/2014 bay roan m) (One Time Pepto x Cats Tiara x High Brow Cat); Flag Ranch LLC; Lita West.

29            Stylish N Catsmart            $16,500
(1/1/2009 sorrel m) (WR This Cats Smart x Style O Bar x Docs Stylish Oak); Bred to One Time Pepto;  Debbie Day; Janet King.

30            Wheres My Catty            $15,500
(1/30/2014 sorrel s) (Catty Hawk x Wheres My Shine x Shining Spark); Cowan Ranch Inc.; Avery May.

31            Daddys Checks            $15,000
(3/11/2014 sorrel m) (Im Countin Checks x Playguns Courage x Playgun); Circle Y Ranch; Todd/Chrissy Rogers.

32            Senor Smart            $14,750
(3/19/2014 sorrel s) (Very Smart Remedy x Shiney Senorita x Shining Spark); Gardiner Quarter Horses.

33            RW Starlight Dancer            $14,500
(3/20/2014 red roan m) (Boonlight Dancer x Starlight Dreamin x Grays Starlight); Eric Frietas; Dan/Christie Capik.

34            Halo Ruby Tuesday            $14,000
(3/25/2014 sorrel s) (Halreycious x Ruby Tuesdays Cat x High Brow Cat); Cinder Lakes Ranch; Clayton/Chelsea Edsall.

35/36            SJR Golden Girl            $13,000
(1/22/2014 palomino m) (Smart Spook x Shiners Goldilocks x Shining Spark); San Juan Ranch; Debbie Diaz.

35/36            Smart Teena Lena            $13,000
(3/1/2014 brown m) (Very Smart Remedy x Teena Cash Flo x Nu Cash); Annie Reynolds, Agent for Joyce Pearson.

37            Style Lovett            $12,500
(3/19/2014 sorrel s) (Mr Playinstylish x Lil Sally Cat x High Brow Cat); Kit/Charlie Moncrief; George Shine.

38            SJR Cool Cash            $11,000
(2/2/2014 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x Shes Lota Cash x Nu Cash); San Juan Ranch; Dean Maldonaldo.

39/40            Lucky Remedy            $10,500
(4/23/2014 sorrel s) (Very Smart Remedy x Gunna Be Lucky x Gunna Smoke); Annie Reynolds; Alan Chappell.

39/40            Reyz Cain            $10,500
(1/16/2014 bay m) (Stylish Rey x Cat Zahir x High Brow Cat); Cinder Lakes Ranch.

41/45            Jills Last Bet            $10,000
(2/24/2014 sorrel m) (Bet Hesa Cat x Shiners Diamond Jill x Shining Spark); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Chris Dawson.

41/45            Jills Remedy            $10,000
(3/12/2014 sorrel m) (Very Smart Remedy x Shiners Diamond Jill x Shining Spark); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Alan Chappell.

41/45            Metallics Skunk            $10,000
(3/4/2014 bay roan g) (Metallic Cat x CDs Royal Diamond x CD Royal); Ted/Lauren Cooper; William Mooneyham.

41/45            Metallics Valentine            $10,000
(2/14/2014 bay roan m) (Metallic Cat x Somebodys Lil Babe x Somebody Smart); Ted/Lauren Cooper; Jenny Scherbo.

41/45            Smart Voodoo            $10,000
(5/17/2014 palomino m) (Shiners Voodoo Dr x Shirley Smart x Smart Little Lena); Annie Reynolds; Alexis Carol.

46            Royally Shiney            $9,750
(5/17/2014 sorrel m) (One Time Royalty x Shining Rings x Shining Spark); Ruby View Quarter Horses; Nicolette Birnie.

47/48            CDs Royal Diamond            $9,250 (RNA)
(1/1/2004 bay m) (CD Royal x Diamond J Oak x Doc’s Oak); Bred to High Brow Jackson;  Ted/Lauren Cooper.

47/48            Smart In Chanel            $9,250 (RNA)
(4/7/2014 sorrel m) (WR This Cats Smart x CD Bright Lights x CD Olena); Danny Connelly Motes.

49/50            Bodees Star            $9,000
(3/17/2014 sorrel m) (Dual Rey x MH Bodees Starlena x Bodee Boonsmal); Cinder Lakes Ranch, Agent; Kathryn Philips.

49/50            Im Stylish Royalty            $9,000
(4/8/2014 sorrel s) (Mr Playinstylish x A Royal Delight x Royal Fletch); Kit/Charlie Moncrief; Mary Nelson.

51            Peparoo            $8,500
(5/12/2014 sorrel s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Taparoo x Gallo Del Cielo); Ward Ranch, Agent for Steve/Kay Patterson; Debby Sanguinetti.

52/54            Cats What Weeno            $8,000
(5/17/2014 sorrel s) (Cats Merada x Uno What Weeno x Smart Little Uno); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Suzy Probert.

52/54            Shes My Playmate            $8,000
(1/24/2014 sorrel m) (Hes Wright On x Very Smart Playmate x Very Smart Remedy); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Doug Williamson.

52/54            Tangy Juanita            $8,000
(3/27/2014 chestnut m) (Tangys Classy Peppy x Bucks Juanita x Buck N Chex); Coyote Creek Cutting Horses; Flint Lee.

55            Travalinonmoonshine            $7,750
(3/18/2014 bay s) (Cats Moonshine x Travalin Miss Mosa x Travalena); Alan Chappell, Agent for Humphrey Quarter Horses Inc.; Alan Chappell.

56/57            Uno Im Wright            $7,500
(5/26/2014 chestnut s) (Hes Wright On x Uno What Weeno x Smart Little Uno); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Michael Vipham.

56/57            Zacks Nu Star            $7,500
(1/1/2001 bay m) (Zack T Wood x Baby Nu Bar x Nu Bar); Bred to WR This Cats Smart;  Jackie Prichard; Billie Filippini.

58/60            Hal Lo Babe            $7,250
(3/22/2014 sorrel s) (Halreycious x Katie Belle Babe x Zack T Wood); Arcese & Oswood; Brent/Susan Steward.

58/60            Smart Plain Reminic            $7,250
(3/26/2014 sorrel m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Miss Plain Reminic x Reminic); Ward Ranch, Agent for Dar Hanson; Dean/Sharon Rhoads.

58/60            This Cats Travelin            $7,250
(4/18/2014 bay m) (WR This Cats Smart x Smart Travelin Chic x Smart Chic Olena); Flag Ranch LLC; Chris Dawson.

61            Smart Barble Doll            $7,000
(1/28/2014 bay m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Play Barbie Doll x Freckles Playboy); Ward Ranch, Agent for Steve/Kay Patterson; Dean Maldonaldo.

62            Little Red Lights            $6,500
(4/17/2014 red roan m) (Smart Boons x Little Lights x Smart Little Lena); Winston Hansma/Danny Motes; Laurie Kaady.

63/65            Cash Shiny Checks            $6,250
(1/2/2014 sorrel m) (Nu Circle N Cash x Shiners Little Rita x Shining Spark); Michelle Cannon; Martha Jo Soule.

63/65            Jewels Smart Remedy            $6,250
(1/31/2014 sorrel m) (Very Smart Remedy x Bowmans Fancy Jewel x Lenas Jewel Bars); Annie Reynolds; Alan Chappell.

63/65            Kual Driving Cat            $6,250
(6/4/2014 sorrel m) (Hydrive Cat x Dual Kual x Dual Pep); Jimmy Kemp Jr.; Jim Spence.

66/67            Montana Style            $6,000
(4/4/2014 sorrel m) (CD Lights x Stylish N Shiney x Shining Spark); Bitterroot Springs Ranch/Judy Siebel; Jeff Sessions.

66/67            Stylish Aussie Rey            $6,000
(5/30/2014 bay m) (Stylish Rey x Little Aussie Acre x Acres Destiny); Glenna Wickett; Casey Bieroth.

68/70            A Royal Quick Cat            $5,750
(1/1/2002 chestnut m) (Royal Fletch x Slick Quick Cat x High Brow Cat); Bred to Hydrive Cat;  Charles Stevens, Agent for Erin Ellison; Alan Chappell.

68/70            Lil Fletch Style            $5,750
(3/21/2014 chestnut m) (Mr Playinstylish x Lil Fletch Cat x Royal Fletch); Kit/Charlie Moncrief; Katie Breslin.

68/70            Lone Star Style            $5,750
(5/12/2014 bay s) (Mr Playinstylish x A Lena x Freckles Playboy); Kit/Charlie Moncrief; Bill Lyon.

71            Stylish Clays Kit            $5,250
(5/4/2014 sorrel m) (Stylish Rey x Smart Clays Kit x Smart Lil Ricochet); Glenna Wickett; Monty Bruce.

72/74            Stylin Hot Cat            $5,000
(5/11/2014 sorrel s) (Mr Playinstylish x Fletch The Cat x Royal Fletch); Kit/Charlie Moncrief; Donna Russo.

72/74            Stylin N Smart            $5,000
(5/27/2014 sorrel s) (Mr Playinstylish x Little Smart Ginger x Smart Little Lena); Kit/Charlie Moncrief; Tamara Casey.

72/74            Two Step 314            $5,000
(3/2/2014 sorrel s) (Boonlight Dancer x High Style Playgirl x Freckles Playboy); Hilda Baisel; John/Melissa Gatliff.

75/76            Shes A Shiney Star            $4,500
(4/30/2014 bay m) (Hes Wright On x Shiney Senorita x Shining Spark); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Tom/Carmen Buckingham.

75/76            Starlight Moonshine            $4,500
(4/8/2014 sorrel s) (Cats Moonshine x Gypsys Heart x Starlights Gypsy); Alan Chappell, Agent for Humphrey Quarter Horses Inc.; Jeff Sessions.

77/78            Get Pici            $4,250
(6/5/2014 sorrel s) (Gotta Go Get It x Just Plain Pici x Just Plain Colonel); Ward Ranch; Dennis Harris.

77/78            Girlinthecurl            $4,250
(5/13/2014 chestnut m) (Hes Wright On x Masters Nu Fox x Master Merada); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Ashley Shank.

79            Catsfactiongaranteed            $4,000
(3/11/2014 sorrel m) (Cats Full Moon x Miss Stylish Money x Docs Stylish Oak); Gail Hunt; Laura Edwards.

80            My Trophy Wife            $3,500
(5/10/2014 sorrel m) (Smart Little Pepinic x My Wife x Mister Dual Pep); Ward Ranch, Agent for Steve/Kay Patterson; Jymme Dominguez.