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The Life of a Trainer’s Wife

By Ginger Schmersal

Quarter Horse News asked me to be a guest blogger for Craig this month — I am flattered. The question was: what’s it like to be a trainer’s wife this time of year? Well, I can tell you the first word that comes to mind is chaotic.

Entries are due constantly, sale horse videos being made, organizing all the trips and trailers, plane tickets, car rentals, selling breeding contracts, registering foals, creating stallion breeding reports, designing ads, taking care of our clients, making sure our employees are paid and all of that on top of being mom to four kids and a wife of a busy horse trainer

craig gingerschmersalCraig and Ginger SchmersalI can tell you I feel like a failure most of the time. It seems that no matter how hard I go I cut something or someone short. It is a difficult position. So much rides on my shoulders for organization. I feel like my kids never get enough of me and my husband wants more. However, I am a personality that thrives on being busy and I love to work. The hard part is trying to balance it all. I would tell all young women or men thinking of marrying a horse trainer that you will always be busy and probably living in his or her shadow — it takes a strong person to live this life happily.

I try to find some time for myself, even if it is just getting my nails done (which always makes me feel better!). One thing I try to do every night is have dinner together as a family — that is the time when we regroup and talk about our day. I hate devices at the table and try to get my family to not use them. They would say the same for me. One thing we do that I love the most is travel together. We work for the same common goal and that is success. I do not always measure success by what ribbon we win at a show. Of course when we do well in the ring, it is an added bonus!

Success for us is running an ethical business. Getting our horses to perform to the best of their ability is success. Enjoying our crazy lifestyle and the friends and family along the way is what keeps me going.

Reining horse professional Craig Schmersal is the fourth-leading rider of all-time, with earnings of more than $3.2 million. Over the last decade, Craig has won almost all of the major reining events, often taking all three of his entries into the finals.