Legends of the NCHA Convene in Fort Worth

When Steagall asked the group about their favorite horses, Wilson piped up that the Royal King line produced some of his favorites, and Son Ofa Doc, a grandson of Royal King, was his most beloved. Welch stated Peppy San Badger was the best he ever rode, and Funderburgh spoke of the future, saying the cutting horse has come a long way, and “progress is coming.”

After Steagall questioned how the NCHA Futurity started, Graham responded with a laugh, “I guess Buster had a good horse that year and it was 3 years old, and that’s how it happened.” Wilson added that aged events changed the NCHA by leveling the playing field for the “little man to show against the big man,” to which Terry Riddle agreed, adding that aged events turned the NCHA into a “booming business” by giving trainers a barn full of horses to train, which in turn “exploded the breeding business.”

As Steagall wrapped up story time, he reminded the audience that their support could help the NCHA Foundation “keep the image of the West alive through the horses and the people.” And to the delight of those who attended the event, this was “the first, not the only, Legacy Series.” In 2016, the Foundation plans to continue documenting and celebrating the horses that have made the NCHA a success with more events.

“These things are born with the stuff they need,” Wilson added. “Amen to the cutting horse.”