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Here’s the Quick and Simple Way to Attach Your Latigo or Rear Billet

Tack-Tip-by-Dennis-Moreland-Tack-9-8-15 web

We can all forget to check our latigos and double off latigos for age and wear, says Dennis Moreland Tack. It’s so important to do this before we saddle up! If you have found you need a new latigo and now are wondering how you’re going to get it on your saddle, here’s an easy knot that you can tie regardless of where you are.

This works for rear billets too. Check out the handmade Dennis Moreland Tack latigos here: For a refresher on checking your latigo or double off billet for wear visit:

1. If you have saddle soap and an awl handy, these will make your knot a lot easier to tie. If you don’t, don’t despair but the tie string will not slide through the holes as easily. Start by applying some saddle soap to your tie string.
2. Fold your latigo or billet over the appropriate Dee ring on your saddle. In this guide we are using a rear billet which folds over from front to back. For a front latigo the fold is opposite, or back to front. Regardless of whether you’re attaching a latigo or billet, put one end of your tie string through each bottom hole in the latigo or billet, going from front to back. Make sure the string ends are pulled even but don’t tighten it completely.
3. Again from front to back, put the tie string ends through the bottom 2 holes in the latigo or billet that now lies closest to your horse.
4. Turn the latigo or billet over (as in step 5) and put one string end through the top hole going from back to front.
5. Using your awl, carefully open the top hole by running the awl in next to the string you just threaded through. Put the remaining tie string end through the same top hole in the latigo or billet, again going from back to front. Applying more saddle soap to the string can be helpful here as it’s a tight squeeze to get both ends in the same hole.
6. From the back the string should now form the shape of a V.
7. From the front of the latigo/billet place both string tails through the loop in the string.
8. Pull the string tight.

There is an advanced knot used by saddle makers to accomplish the same purpose. Check back in next week as Mark Meek of Mark Meek Saddlery in Weatherford TX shows us how to tie it!

All latigos and double off latigos are made by hand, one at a time, at Dennis Moreland Tack. There are a variety of sizes to choose from and we can custom split your latigo if you’d like. To get more information call 817-312-5305 or visit:

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