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What Is So Important We Should Do It Every Time We Saddle Our Horse?

Tack-Tip-by-Dennis-Moreland-9-1-15 web

Checking latigos for wear is important but often overlooked says Dennis Moreland Tack. Latigos or billets are the straps on either side of your saddle that attach the cinch to your saddle.

The strap on the right side is called a double off latigo. The strap on the left is called a latigo and it tightens the cinch. They are usually made of leather but can be nylon. Either way, they need to be inspected! Check out the Dennis Moreland Tack latigos here: http://bit.ly/1X8KKyk

A hop or buck or even a quick move can apply a moment of extra pressure to the strap or straps and if they’re worn or aged they may break. We all need to be certain we’re checking our latigos and double offs for wear every time we ride. Inspect the entire strap for weak spots and age. Make sure the leather is pliable. Be careful to check for wear where the latigo or double off is folded over the D rings of your saddle. Look for elongation of the holes in the straps. If there are any problems replace the strap(s) immediately. This is one piece of tack you really depend on.

I had a gentleman call one day. He said “I can buy latigos for half the price of yours, why are yours more”? I said I use only the very, very best leather right off the back of the hide. I work w/the tannery to get the leather very dense and tight fibered so there’s no soft spots, sponginess or boardie spots in it. This is a critical part of your equipment and I want you to be safe. My latigos are cut and edged. The edges are hand rubbed to make them slick so they pull well when you tighten your cinch. They are then waxed on both sides so they will pull more smoothly. After about 10 minutes of visiting the gentleman said “send me one latigo”. Three days later he called back and said “I did not know this piece of leather existed. What I had used all my life were the poorer quality latigos you had described. I have 6 saddles, send me 5 more latigos and 6 double offs. I promise I will never buy another half price latigo.”

All latigos and double off latigos are made by hand, one piece at a time, at Dennis Moreland Tack. There are a variety of sizes to choose from and we can custom split your latigo if you’d like. To get more information or to purchase your latigo call 817-312-5305 or visit: http://bit.ly/1X8KKyk

We’re a full line manufacturer of handmade tack and we’re here to help you!