Crystal McNutt & TA Olyvia • Photo by Kelsey Pond

Arabian Reining Riders Take On Las Vegas

Crystal McNutt & TA Olyvia • Photo by Kelsey PondCrystal McNutt & TA Olyvia • Photo by Kelsey PondThe Arabian Reining Breeders Classic (ARBC) kicked off Wednesday, Sept. 16 at the High Roller Reining Classic (HRRC) with the ARBC Futurity Level 4 Open. After marking a 215.5 to win, Crystal McNutt and TA Olyvia (AR) became the first ARBC champions crowned at the South Point Equestrian Center in Las Vegas this year. The event marks the second year that Arabians and Half-Arabians have been represented at the HRRC.

McNutt, of Scottsdale, Arizona, and TA Olyvia (AR) (Kordelas [AR] x Halali Olympia [AR] x Enferno [AR]) picked up a check worth $9,821 for Paige Neufeld, who owns the mare, bred by Toskhara Arabians LP, of Aubrey, Texas.

“She showed great,” McNutt said of the horse Neufeld purchased earlier this year. “Everything I asked of her to do, she did.”

With a 213, Ken Eppers, of Krum, Texas, and EAF Hesa Wizard (AR) (Hesa Zee [AR] x RV Muscana [AR] x Crown Musc [AR]) earned the ARBC Futurity Level 4 Open Reserve title, which was worth $7,638. EAF Hesa Wizard (AR) is owned by Timothy Williams, of Burlington, Kansas.

ARBC Futurity Level 1 Open

SDR Muscadore (AR) (Pharao [AR] x Muscelusive [AR] x MHR Muscateal [AR]), owned by Rochelle Grothaus, of Kalama, Washington, picked up two championships in the ARBC. The first was in the ARBC Futurity Level 1 Open, where he and Ty Suratt marked a 207 to top the four-horse class. The duo earned $6,239 for the win. The second championship was in the ARBC Futurity Non-Pro.

Reserve Champions DU Kharnival (AR) (TA Khalil [AR] x Tamarcarnivalofroses [AR]) and Jessica Bein scored a 204.5 and took the ARBC Futurity Level 1 Open Reserve Championship and $4,160 home to Scottsdale.

ARBC Half-Arabian Futurity Level 4 Open

Before the ARBC Half-Arabian Futurity Open, which was held Friday, Sept. 19, John O’Hara told his fiancé, Kimberly Tillman, that he and Ima Smart One (AR) were going to win the class, and that is exactly what they did. O’Hara piloted his homebred gelding to a 218 to take the Level 4 Championship for Tillman, who owns the gelding.