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Why Do Some Horsemen Ride With a Hackamore?

… his personality and what he needs to respond well without being scared. All hackamores should be firm but flexible and have life and spring to them.

Training a horse in a hackamore takes time and patience as does the transition to the shanked bit including the two rein stage. To read more about the two rein click: . There will come a time in hackamore training that the horse has learned all he needs to know to successfully begin transition to the bit. The trainer needs to be certain that the horse has learned how to work with lightness and sensitivity in the hackamore and that he understands where his feet are during each maneuver before he is advanced to the bridle. Once he is transitioned the rider should not have to be correcting his movements by pulling on one or both reins. If this occurs the horse’s mouth will get damaged and hardened and he will not stay balanced or perform correctly. If you are new to hackamore use it can be a wonderful talent to acquire. We recommend getting instruction from horsemen experienced in the successful use of a hackamore and the transition to a bridle.

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