Triangle Sales Restructures Sale Dates, Features First Versatility Ranch Competition

A weanling sale session is another new change debuting in the October sale, and is sure to offer buyers the best of all-around performance prospects.

“That’s a good time to market and sell them before winter,” Ware said.

Overall sale averages have increased at Triangle Sales by 38 percent for the year. Since purchasing Triangle Sales Company, Ware has implemented “click-to-bid” Internet purchasing through Superior Productions, fall-of-the-hammer insurance with Markel Insurance and shorter sale days. He has also integrated sale sessions for various additional disciplines and other amenities including the now famous mechanical track cow, “Cindy.”

“I have sold thousands of horses performing ‘live’ on cattle,” Ware says. “We could easily do that at Triangle, as well. The problem is, because cattle are so unpredictable it is rare to see a horse perform at its best on sale cattle. The track cow guarantees every seller the exact opportunity to present a horse. It also gives buyers the same opportunity to see all the horses perform at their best.”

The October sale will feature horses from a range of disciplines, reflective of the trademark offering known to Triangle Sales throughout its 36-year history. This is a characteristic Ware says he enjoys and will strive to maintain.

“We’re going to continue to promote versatility,” Ware said. “That is what helps us get a lot of different horses sold the way we do. If you’re just strictly selling in one market, it’s limiting. In a diversified market, there are always buyers present that may have the intentions of buying one type of horse and end up buying something else after seeing it.”

“We are continually and aggressively improving our events to earn and maintain the designation as the number one source for America’s Horse,” Ware continued. “We’re very proud to feature that kind of diversity.”

For more information, visit the Triangle Horse Sales website.