SHays Clinic

SRCHyA Offers Learning Opportunity To 4-H Youth

SHays ClinicThe SRCHyA Sponsored a clinic with Shawn Hays for Texas 4-H members.In the spirit of the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) reaching out to youth across the country, a Texas affiliate is helping to educate cow horse riders in the 4-H ranks. The Southwest Reined Cow Horse Youth Association (SRCHyA) recently sponsored a clinic during the Texas State 4-H Horse Show in Abilene. Trainer Shawn Hays teamed with SRCHyA board members Reece Rosenaur and Paden Jarosz to discuss both the reined and cow portion of the class.

“We have a lot of people interested in the boxing and cow horse,” said Rodney Rosenaur, a representative from the SRCHA. “We want to offer educational opportunities for these kids so they can make the most of their runs.”

Hays talked through the dry work, answering several questions on penalties and point-earning opportunities. Then Hays discussed working a cow, with Reese and Jarosz demonstrating proper position, using their horses to illustrate. The stands were filled with youth and parents alike, looking to learn a tidbit that could give them the edge in the class.

“Shawn is the perfect person to teach this clinic. He is a former 4-H member and showed several times at the State 4-H Horse Show. His foundation was in horsemanship and other show classes, and now he is a very successful reined cow horse trainer. Shawn’s foundation illustrates the importance of good horsemanship for anyone riding cow horses,” Rosenaur said.

The educational focus of the 4-H program is a perfect fit with the NRCHA’s goal of education as more and more youth discover the sport. In addition to the clinic, the SRCHyA also sponsored the championship buckles of both the boxing and working cow horse classes, which featured more than 60 youth in the two classes combined.

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