Inconclusive Blood Test From Reining By The Bay

The blood test drawn from one of two horses exhibiting gastrointestinal distress during the Reining By The Bay in Woodside, California, has come back with inconclusive findings that would support poisoning allegations, said Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA Vice President of Community Relations Scott Delucchi.

Delucchi noted that there were two horses that suffered from diarrhea, both having had blood drawn for tests from the event that occurred July 20-26. However, only one sample had tests actually performed. When the owner of the second horse learned there were no conclusive findings in the first horse’s sample, it was decided that they would not go forward with the extra expense of testing the second sample, said the veterinarian who drew the blood.

The blood draw is a two-step process, Delucchi said, adding that the test for each horse’s sample is expensive, and the owner must pay the bill.

As for the rest of the investigation, the SPCA is waiting to obtain surveillance videos from the Horse Park at Woodside, which shows the entry and exit areas. Delucchi said that in order for any charges to be filed, there must be clear evidence that something illegal has happened.

“It’s going to have to be something that’s very clear, and unless it shows the action, I don’t know what else [the videos] could possibly show that is going to help [the investigation],” he said. “It’s really a matter of having cameras positioned in all the right places, but, from what I understand, there aren’t cameras all over the property.”

Delucchi said there isn’t a statue of limitations on these types of cases. The investigation group at the SPCA is sparsely staffed, and another big case came up right after the Reining By The Bay incident, causing a lull in watching the surveillance videos.

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