How to Braid Saddle Strings

saddlestringsWe know how nice it is to have saddle strings when we need to tie something down. At the same time, they can be a nuisance and even a safety hazard when we don’t need them, especially when they get under the saddle or under the latigo during saddling!

This week we visited with saddlemaker Mark Meek of Weatherford, Texas, to learn the best way to braid or tie up saddle strings when not in use. Follow this easy guideline:

1.     Make two even folds in the top string. Make sure the folds are made upwards.

2.     Hold the folds, near the top of the string, in your right hand and place the bottom string through the top loop.

3.     Switch hands so you’re holding the folds in your left hand. With your right hand pull the bottom string all the way through the loop.

4.     Wrap the bottom string around the folds by going clockwise starting under the folds.

5.     When you have finished your wraps place the tail of the string through the bottom loop in the folded top string by going from left to right.

6.     Hold the top string’s looped end in your right hand and the tail of the top string in your left hand and pull them until they’re tight. Hold the tail of the bottom string steady in your left hand while pulling.

7.     Hold the wraps in your right hand and pull the tail of the top string tight to make the braid smooth.

8.     Finished saddle string braid.

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