RSNC World Finals Exceeded 4,600 Teams

rsnc-world-finals-2015The 2015 RSNC World Finals paid out more than $400,000 in cash and prizes.There were a total of 4,608 excited and energized teams of ranch sorting competition at this year’s Ranch Sorting National Championships (RSNC) World Finals, held June 8-13 in Fort Worth, Texas, at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. This was the third year the RSNC World Finals visited the prestigious facility, and the sport continues to see tremendous support from equine enthusiasts all across the country.

Dave Wolfe, president and founder of the RSNC, said, “The most exciting part of the results of this year’s event is that of the 18 classes offered for all different levels of the competition, all but two saw an increase in entries and the two with the highest percent of increases were the Beginner Ranch Hand and the Beginner Youth classes. Those are the two introductory classes for new novice members and this continues to be where our association excels.”

Just this year, the RSNC has gained more than 1,600 new members, with overall membership exceeding 23,000 since the association’s inception in 2007. Many equine associations are experiencing a decline in participation, but the RSNC continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Another group of classes that experienced a strong spike in participation were the Futurities and Maturities – high-stakes classes with high entry fees and huge payouts. Last year there were 74 teams; this year there were 124. Horses have to qualify through stallion, trainer, owner and sales company nominations, keeping the emphasis on promotion of the horses within in the sport.