NRHA Bylaw Amendment Voting Begins Aug. 10

Starting on Aug. 10, members of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) will begin voting on important bylaw amendments that appointed task forces and committees have been hard at work developing in order to streamline association business, create efficiencies within the organizational structure and adopt established best practices of governance. These bylaw amendments are a result of long-term planning sessions initiated in 2014 and are intended to allow the NRHA and its elected leaders to better serve the membership throughout the calendar year.

NRHA President Rick Clark commented, “The NRHA is constantly looking to improve its services, streamline workflow patterns and enhance opportunities to better assist and better communicate with members. Reviewing our bylaws each year allows us as a membership to ask the question – are we doing the best we can, or is there a better way to conduct business?”

Clark further explained how proud he was regarding the positive response received by the membership and is glad NRHA members are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure their association is as efficient as possible and follows best practices for non-profit boards.

In an effort to be more transparent to the membership and to ensure all interested members are properly informed, the NRHA has provided a detailed factsheet available to the public at highlighting the proposed amendments and giving very specific examples as to how these amendments will allow the NRHA’s leadership to better serve the membership.

In addition to making critical changes to the NRHA bylaws, NRHA members will have the opportunity to elect three members to the executive committee.

“I am very proud of the NRHA’s committees, task forces and staff for taking the extra step this year to inform the membership of the executive committee candidates and how making these amendments brings the NRHA to today’s association standards by effectively reviewing the configuration of our organization, evaluating the use of technology and taking a fresh approach to the governance structure to conduct business.  This is an exciting time for the NRHA, and I personally hope all members exercise their right to vote,” added Clark.

Both the bylaw amendments and executive committee voting are conducted by a third party company via eBallot, so every member will have an equal and fair opportunity to cast their vote between Aug. 10 and Sept. 9. Any questions surrounding the bylaw amendments, executive committee elections or voting process may be answered in the NRHA Handbook, by visiting or by contacting the NRHA office at 405-946-7400.