SumSpec MetelesCat CHedlund 15KBP

Cody Hedlund & Meteles Cat Score Big at Showdown In Cowtown

SumSpec MetelesCat CHedlund 15KBPCody Hedlund & Meteles CatAs the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Summer Spectacular continued into its third week, the Western Bloodstock/NCHA Showdown In Cowtown wrapped up with its last final, the Non-Pro. Cody Hedlund made sure this inaugural event would be one to remember when he and Meteles Cat rocked the competition with a huge score, taking the Championship and a $35,000 check home Monday night.

Hedlund and “Alvin” were No. 12, the last draw, right behind Steven Feiner and Lil Rattler, who had just scored a 222. That put the pressure on Hedlund as he went into the pen for his turn, but he and Alvin managed to focus and get their cattle cut, and the duo left the arena with a 224 on the scoreboard. But, there was a review on the score, meaning that video of his run would need to be reviewed, and his score could change.