Showdown In Cowtown Slot Cutting Deadline Quickly Approaching

Entries close June 20 for the Showdown in Cowtown Slot Cutting, presented by Western Bloodstock Ltd. in partnership with the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA). The Showtown in Cowtown consists of two new slot cuttings that will run in conjunction with the Great American Insurance NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular and the NCHA World Championship Futurity.

The slot cuttings will offer riders in three divisions – Open, Non-Pro and Unlimited Amateur – a shot at cashing in on what could be the biggest paychecks of their cutting careers. There will be only 100 slots sold in each division, at a cost of $5,000 for an Open slot, $3,500 for a Non-Pro slot and $2,500 for an Unlimited Amateur slot. Based on selling 100 slots in each division, the Open Champions will receive $100,000, the Non-Pro Champions $60,000 and the Amateur Champions $30,000 in each slot cutting.

Once you purchase a slot, you own that slot forever, as long as you pay the annual slot ownership fee. Slots may be transferred in a given year to another individual by private treaty.  Due to popular demand, the rules have been amended to allow an individual to purchase more than one slot in each division. Slots for the July and December events went on sale June 1 and a few are still available in each division.

The first slot cutting will be open to 4- to 6-year-old horses that are entered in the  NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular. Each division will consist of one go-round and a 20-horse finals. All 20 places in each division will be paid, with 20th place receiving twice the cost of the slot fee. In the event of a tie, there will be a work-off to determine a champion. The go-round for the Summer slot cutting will be at the Silverado Arena in Weatherford, Texas, July 9-10. The finals will take place at the Will Rogers Memorial Center during the NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular.

The second Slot Cutting, to be held at Will Rogers Memorial Center during the NCHA Futurity, will be open to any horse age 4 and up.

To purchase a slot, contact Western Bloodstock Ltd. at 817-594-9210.