Meant To Be

rosa-adultA twist of fate brought Aces Especial Peppy and I back together.Some things you can only chalk up to fate. Such was the case with my 3-year-old Quarter Horse mare, Aces Especial Peppy.

I first met “Rosa” in 2012 when she was a few days old. She was the prettiest solid bay, with no white to be found anywhere. Rosa was part of a research project at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences that was testing out a new vaccine. I halter-broke her for the lab and fell in love with her sweet temperament.

rosa-babyRosa as a 4-month-old

When the lab announced they were adopting out the mares and foals for free, I was severely tempted to add her to my herd. Unfortunately, while I made up my mind, another person swooped in and claimed Rosa, leaving me heartbroken and sure I’d never see her again.

A year later, I was perusing Craigslist horse ads, and I decided to type “quarter horse” into the search bar. I wasn’t surprised when a 2012 yearling came up in the results, but I was intrigued. I opened the ad, and there stood a solid bay filly with no white markings whatsoever. My heart pounding, I clicked on the picture of her papers. It was blurry, but I could faintly make out the dam’s name: Jess Peppy. I couldn’t believe it – there in front of me was Rosa, and she was for sale!

I debated for a grand total of 5 minutes before I emailed her owner. I told him I couldn’t pay much, but she would have a great home with me if he would take a lower offer. I didn’t expect him to say yes, but he did, so on October 20, 2013, I found myself again face to face with Rosa. And after more than a year apart, I finally was able to bring her home.

It must have been meant to be!

Kristin Pitzer is an Associate Editor for Quarter Horse News. The 2009 Texas A&M University graduate began working for QHN after obtaining her Master’s degree from University of Houston’s Victoria campus. She loves outdoor sports, particularly hiking, kayaking and riding her horses, Chica and Rosa. In her spare time she enjoys traveling with her husband or just hanging out at home with the rest of her zoo, consisting of a lab, a corgi and an extremely fluffy cat.