High Roller Reining Classic Announces Addition Of Longhorn Auction

hudson-valentine-longhornsThe Hudson-Valentine Longhorn Sale will be held during the High Roller Reining Classic in Las Vegas. Last year, Brumley Management Group LLC added a horse sale to the High Roller Reining Classic show last year. Dubbed the West Coast Breeders’ Select Sale, it drew 45 young reining prospects from 22 top breeders across the United States, and a crowd of buyers from all over the world. It was an overnight success, which inspired Amanda Brumley, the show’s organizer, to listen with enthusiasm when Bob Loomis, National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) and American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Hall of Fame inductee approached her about a Longhorn auction.

“It only took one call from Bob Loomis to convince me that a premier longhorn sale held during the High Roller Reining Classic in Las Vegas was a good idea,” she readily admitted. “I had not realized the scope of the Texas Longhorn industry and the potential crossover benefit it has for the reining industry. Many reining horse owners already have longhorns on their ranches. It’s understandable, as they are majestic, beautiful animals with a venerable history and a deep connection with both the cowboy and America’s great Western heritage.”

The Texas Longhorn is part of the Texas and the Southwest culture, as the foundation of the American cattle industry and as an early arrival in this country with the first missionaries from Mexico hundreds of years ago. Its wild numbers were in the millions during the Civil War but, like the buffalo, it faced extinction by the 1900s. Revitalized by a few, determined breeders and treasured as unique on earth, the Texas Longhorn today has its own registry, shows and advocates. Alongside the Quarter horse and the buffalo, the Texas Longhorn has earned a place of honor as an icon of the American West.

“Having an important longhorn auction during the most prestigious west coast reining competition could introduce a whole new group to the excitement of reining,” Brumley said. “My goal as a show producer is to find ways to grow the sport and this looks very promising. Don’t fret exhibitors! Your horses will not come into contact with any of the longhorns during the show. They are penned well away from the horse show activities.”

“My husband Joe and I started with Texas Longhorns almost 40 years ago,” said the auction’s co-producer Lorinda Valentine. “The quality of animals in this sale reinforces its position as the premier longhorn auction of the year. Consignors are involved from all over the United States. The Texas Longhorn is a unique creature. It’s easier to train than a horse, can survive feed and water conditions that would kill a domestic cow and it has an exceptional fertility rate.”

Hudson-Valentine Longhorn Sale is the premier auction of its kind within the Texas Longhorn industry. In addition to the longhorn sale, Hudson-Valentine LLC is hosting a poker tournament on Friday, Sept. 18 in the South Point Casino poker room starting at 11 a.m. Those interesting in meeting, mingling and finding out more about longhorns, are encouraged to attend the Hudson-Valentine cocktail party and meet and greet on Friday, Sept. 18 at 4:30 p.m. Consigners and breeders will be on hand to talk about their passion for the Texas Longhorn. Meanwhile, visit Bob Loomis’ website at or go to their sale website at