DMT tyinghalter

Have You Ever Had a Horse Pull Back in a Rope Halter?

DMT tyinghalterThe rope halter should be tied with a sheet bend knot. When tying a sheet bend it’s easy to incorrectly make the knot above the halter loop instead of below. If your horse pulls back, you won’t be able to untie this type of knot. With a correctly tied sheet bend, like the one shown in the video, if your horse pulls back while tied you should be able to get the knot untied.

My hand tied halters are all made from one continuous 5/16 inch piece of solid-braid nylon rope and come complete with a white nylon loop-end lead. Rope halters are an excellent tool for teaching any age horse good ground manners. There is a size to fit every horse from a newborn foal to a large horse. They are available in brown, tan, green, purple, maroon or blue and with or without beautiful braided rawhide nose and button knots.

For more information on tying the rope halter knot, please see my AQHA Tack Talk article “The Rope Halter” by clicking

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