Eleuterio Arcese Announces €400,000-Added Futurity To Be Held In 2016 In Italy

eleuterio-arceseEleuterio ArceseNational Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Hall of Fame inductee Eleuterio Arcese is thrilled to announce that in 2016 a €400,000-added (approx. $456,378 U.S.) Futurity, open to 3-year-old horses, will be offered in Italy.

“I believe that the sport of reining in Italy and in Europe needs to be given a boost at this point in time,” said Arcese, who, along with his children Leonardo, Paola and Matteo, has created a reining legacy in Arcese Quarter Horses USA. “Thanks to the support of a number of business owners who believe in the sport, we will be able to offer the €400,000-added NRHA approved Futurity and will guarantee €100,000 to the winner of the Open Level 4 Futurity. I am very much looking forward to this project which we have started working on and am pleased to announce that Irene Castelli, owner of Cowboy’s Magazine and event organizer, and Simona Diale, who has been actively involved in promoting reining for many years by my side, will be working closely with us.”

Arcese has worked to promote reining in Europe for 25 years through his involvement with the NRHA, the Italian Reining Horse Association and the Italian Quarter Horse Association. He has hosted multiple reining clinics and sponsored major NRHA and American Quarter Horse Association reining events in Europe. As an avid breeder of performance horses, Arcese has influenced breeding programs at his facilities in Italy, as well as in the United States, where he stands Gunnatrashya and Walla Walla Whiz at Oswood Stallion Station in Weatherford, Texas.

Outstanding reining horses owned by Arcese Quarter Horses USA include 2007 NRHA Futurity, 2008 NRBC and 2008 NRHA Derby Champion Wimpys Little Chic, plus the likes of Americasnextgunmodel, Custom Mahogany, Electrical Flash, Whizs Chic A Dee, Yankee Gun, Saturdaynight Custom and Custom Lena. Arcese Quarter Horses USA became the NRHA’s first Two Million Owner in late 2013.