The Safest Way to Attach Your Off Side Billet or Double Off Latigo

DMT LATIGOThe on the right side of your saddle is just as important as your cinch and near side latigo but since it doesn’t have to be taken on and off often you may run into a problem getting a new one attached.

To be safe, instead of threading it onto your off side saddle Dee and then ending up with only a single piece of leather holding your saddle on it should be attached as shown in the guideline so the leather is doubled:

1.     Thread it onto the ring of your cinch buckle. Make sure the ends are even.

2.     Run the doubled ends through your saddle’s right Dee ring. Go from outside to inside.

3.     Bring the ends back through the cinch buckle ring and place the buckle tongue into the desired holes. Make certain when choosing the holes that the latigo has not slipped so the tongue goes through the same holes on each side of the fold.

4.     Tuck the ends through the keeper on your cinch so they’ll be out of your way.

Dennis Moreland handmade latigos are made from carefully chosen tight, dense latigo leather. Each are cut and edged by hand. They are just the right thickness to be very strong but not leave a lump under your fender.  or call 817-312-5305. Dennis Moreland Tack is a full line tack manufacturer and we’re here to help you!