DMT PullingCollar

Do You Wish You Had a Pulling Collar?

DMT PullingCollarDennis Moreland Tack Pulling CollarDo you wish you had a pulling collar for roping? The brand new Dennis Moreland Tack Pulling Collar allows complete freedom of movement in the shoulders but also fits so well that the entire collar makes contact.

There are no gaps between horse and collar; it pulls smoothly and evenly. This allows a horse to really power into the pull when roping. The tugs on this collar are extra-long for plenty of adjustment to fit large and small horses..

A lot of riders, especially ranchers and ropers, prefer pulling collars over other breast collars because the pulling collar lies above the top line of the shoulder to leave shoulder movement completely unrestricted. Breast Collars are important pieces of equipment that help stabilize your saddle.

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