An Innovative Strategy


Here at Quarter Horse News we see a lot of fun, innovative ways that events market their shows, but recently, one really caught my attention.

During a trip to the National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC) in Katy, Texas, I noticed people buzzing about a talking horse. My first thought was, “What?” I immediately pictured the talking palomino from the 1960s television show “Mister Ed.” Obviously there wasn’t going to be a real-life talking horse, but apparently a virtual mare with a flare for drama had gone viral.

The NRBC’s Pro Management team created the talking mare with an iPhone application, and she was originally scheduled to only make a few appearances on their Facebook page. Everyone enjoyed her so much, however, that she became a regular. All of the clips combined received a total of more than 135,000 views.

With her sassy personality and detailed experiences from the show, you can’t help but laugh and wonder what she will say next. Although the mare’s return to the 2016 NRBC is not set in stone, the event’s secretary/treasurer Cheryl Magoteaux Cody said overall, it turned out to be a good way to generate excitement about the NRBC. Click below to watch the video that started it all!


We are all excited about the NRBC!

Posted by National Reining Breeders Classic on Friday, April 3, 2015

Brandyl Brooks is an associate editor at Quarter Horse News. She graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications and minored in animal science. When she’s not covering events for work, she’s showing her own horses at National Reining Horse Association, American Paint Horse Association and Stock Horse of Texas competitions.