Sheri Halter

An Incredible Gesture

Sheri HalterOzzmosis CD, aka “Sheri”Thanks to the nature of my career, I get to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. I’m used to those folks inspiring me with their unique stories, but every once in a while, even I am in awe at the sincere kindness of the people that make up the Western performance horse industry.

As you all know, I purchased a 2-year-old filly named Ozzmosis CD (Auspicious Cat x CD Tears I Cry x CD Olena) earlier this year, and I decided to nickname her “Sheri” in honor of the late Sheri Moore. The feedback I received from those who loved Sheri was beyond moving, but I never could have expected what happened next.

While I was walking through the Best of the West trade show at the National Cutting Horse Association Super Stakes, I stopped by ABC Halters’ booth to visit with Cindi Campbell-Bostick. She quickly took me behind the shelves of beautiful bronc halters and colorful coolers, saying she had something for me.

As she rustled through her completed orders, I started to get excited. “What could it be?” I thought. When she turned around with a black halter in her hand, it was all I could do not to burst into tears.

Shona Dufurrena had ordered the halter and asked Cindi to embroider it with Sheri Moore’s logo. It was the kind of gift that needs no explanation, and it seemed like I could not say “Thank you!” enough.

The next time I went to see my filly, I gave her a bath and told her all about the special lady she was named after. I know she didn’t understand a thing I said, but it warmed my heart as I slid her halter on for the first time. I’m sure it was just my imagination getting the better of me, but she seemed almost proud to wear it.

The people in this industry are incredible, aren’t they? Email [email protected] to tell me about the amazing things you’ve seen people do for one another in our industry.

Kelsey Pecsek is the managing editor for Quarter Horse News. The 2010 American Horse Publications Student Equine-related Journalism Award winner began working for QHN in 2011 after graduating with honors from Virginia Tech. Kelsey enjoys showing her American Paint Horse “Lucky” in speed events at breed shows, while also exercising horses for her boyfriend, who is an assistant cutting horse trainer.