DMT breastcollars

Have You Checked Out the Breast Collars at Dennis Moreland Tack?

DMT breastcollarsDennis Moreland Tack breast collars are all handmade of doubled and stitched Herman Oak old world heavy harness leather lined with burgundy latigo leather. Herman Oak old world harness leather is tanned using all natural methods. This produces soft pliable leather that is not spongy or boardy, but has the body and density to hold up to years of hard use. No chemicals are used in the tanning process.

All Dennis Moreland breast collars are adjustable and made to fit almost any size horse. They are small enough to fit a 2 year old without wrapping the tug around the dee several times but big enough to fit a large horse by using more of your tug strap. If you need a custom size I will work with you to make what you need.

Dennis Moreland Tack carries a full line of handmade breast collars. There are styles for any western discipline you participate in. Please call 817-312-5305 if you have any questions.

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