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Do You Have A Really Sensitive Horse?

DMT PhilRappPhil Rapp and Dont Stopp Believin won the NCHA Super Stakes Open Co-Championship with a Dennis Moreland Tack aluminum shank bit.Phil Rapp stopped in my shop yesterday to tell me that he had used one of my bits to pilot Dont Stopp Believin to the 2015 NCHA Super Stakes Open Co-Championship. Phil said, “Dont Stopp Believin is so light in the face. I was riding him in a short shanked bit with a low port in the go-rounds at this year’s Super Stakes, but he needed something even milder.

“While I was looking through my tack room, I found what I needed. I found my Dennis Moreland Aluminum Shank bit with rubber mouthpiece.”

“I put it on him, he mouthed it for a few seconds and then he picked it up and we went on. I cut a cow on him at home in Weatherford before I went back to the Super Stakes. I could help him when he needed it with no problem. I showed him in it in the semifinals and finals of the Super Stakes.” Phil and Dont Stopp Believin finished as Co-Champions with Lloyd Cox on Smooth Talkin Style, each marking a 223!

This mouthpiece (#0) is made of 11/16 inch soft black rubber. In addition to using this on sensitive horses, it’s a good one to use as a transition bit from the snaffle. You can really pull a horse around with two hands with this mild bit without putting much pressure on their mouths. It’s excellent for training horses to move on cattle.

The aluminum shanks are lighter weight than similar steel shanks, which also helps to make this bit, with any of the mouthpieces available, milder than steel bits. The wide flat shape of the shanks helps to guide a horse’s nose in the direction of the turn.

For more information on Dennis Moreland Tack Aluminum Shank bits, click the link above or call 817-312-5305. Dennis Moreland Tack is a full line manufacturer of handmade tack and we’re here to help you! Thirty nine years strong!

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