SS OnceYouGoBlack AStephas 15HPEDITED

Alexis Stephas Rose Above In The NCHA Super Stakes Classic Unlimited Amateur

SS OnceYouGoBlack AStephas 15HPEDITEDAlexis Stephas & Once You Go BlackAt the Lucas Oil NCHA Super Stakes, held at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas, March 26 – April 18, the Classic Unlimited Amateurs and Classic Amateurs took the arena by storm. During the 38-horse finals in the Classic Unlimited Amateur, Alexis Stephas and her black stallion, Once You Go Black, took the Championship with a five-point lead.

From the 28th draw in the finals, Once You Go Black (Hydrive Cat x RG Sugar Lena x Poco San Lena), bred by Ronald Abbott, of Sumner, Texas, carried Stephas to mark a smooth 222 for the win. Along with the title came a $9,717 paycheck.

With this win, Stephas now boasts an Equi-Stat record of more than $420,000, while her 6-year-old stallion’s lifetime earnings has reached more than $90,000, and has already earned over $14,000 for 2015.

There was a tie for the Super Stakes Classic Unlimited Amateur Reserve title. As draw 18, Don Hudson piloted Ginas Rey (Dual Rey x Gina Badger x Peppy San Badger), bred by San Juan Ranch, of Shandon, California, to mark a 217. However, as draw 31, Geordy Wise gave Hudson a run for his money when he piloted One Time Playboy (One Time Pepto x Sandy Jo Lena x San Jo Lena), bred by Sierra Oak Ranch, of Bakersfield, California, to mark a 217, as well. Each team received a $9,063 paycheck.

Super Stakes Classic Amateur

During the 31-horse Super Stakes Classic Amateur finals, it was a great day for two horse-and-rider teams who also share the same trainer, Equi-Stat Elite $1 Million Rider Adan Banuelos, and shared the same saddle. RB Garza rode Cat Stevens and Patty Walker rode CR Kittys Gotta Gun to tie for the Championship.

As the 14th draw, Garza piloted Cat Stevens (High Brow Cat x Shes A Stylish Babe x Docs Stylish Oak), bred by David and Stacie McDavid, of Fort Worth, Texas, to mark a 217.5 as the new leader. After Garza’s run, Walker borrowed Garza’s saddle because hers didn’t make it to the show. Then, Walker piloted CR Kittys Gotta Gun (Playgun x Purr N Like A Lena x Smart Little Lena), bred by Carolyn Reynolds, of Acampo, California, to also mark a 217.5.

Both horse-and-rider teams garnered $6,158 paychecks as they laughed about the saddle being lucky. This win boosted Garza’s Equi-Stat record to more than $12,500, while Cat Stevens lifetime earnings are more than $64,000. Walker’s earnings exceed $38,000, while CR Kittys Gotta Gun’s lifetime earnings are more than $9,600.

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