Why Cut And Finish Bridle Reins By Hand?

harnessleathersAll Dennis Moreland harness leather reins are cut in pairs from hides hand-picked from the Hermann Oak Leather Tannery in St. Louis. The quality of leather and the preciseness of the cut gives these reins very good balance. This allows your horse to feel light contact in his mouth before the rein actually gets tight.

Many of your signals to your horse go through the bridle reins. If the bridle reins are too lightweight they will feel limp and unbalanced in your hands. The same is true for reins of any weight when they’re made from poor quality leather. The communication with your horse will be inconsistent and unclear. You want your reins to have some body, some “feel” to them. You want a tight fibered, dense piece of leather in your hands.

Dennis Moreland reins are cut in 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 inch widths. Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference. If you have small hands you may prefer the 1/2-inch reins, while someone with larger hands might want the 3/4-inch reins. The 5/8-inch reins are the most popular because they’re middle of the road.

These reins are hand edged, rubbed with saddle soap, oil, and again with saddle soap. This attention to detail gives the edge of the rein a better feel in your hand.

Dennis makes his reins with a particular end-user in mind. If you’re not sure which rein would best fit your needs, give him a call. He’d be happy to recommend a rein that will work best for you.

For more information on Dennis Moreland hand cut harness leather reins call 817-312-5305 or visit: http://www.dmtack.com/pcategory/reins/harness-leather-reins/

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