In Sheri’s Honor

SheriMy new 2-year-old filly, Ozzmosis CDIf I learned anything from the great stories my followers sent in about their horses’ barn names, it’s that the best ones mean something. Some are funny. Some are serious. Some are inspirational. With so many ideas floating in my mind, it was hard to pick one for my new 2-year-old filly.

During my work trip to January’s Augusta Futurity & Classic, I met one of the most optimistic people I’ve ever had the pleasure of chatting with. Her name was Sheri Moore. I photographed her as she leapt in the air, cheering on husband Casey Moore and Catscratch Sister, who marked a 220 in the Classic Open finals. She was so full of life.

SheriMooreSheri Moore, cheering for her husband during the Augusta Futurity & Classic in JanuaryLess than a month later, Sheri passed away from complications with surgery. Although I didn’t know Sheri that well, it hit me really hard. Something about her very presence in Augusta had lifted my spirits, and to lose her so suddenly was nothing short of devastating.

The day that Sheri’s family and friends said goodbye was the same day my boyfriend and I brought our new Auspicious Cat filly home. When we turned her out in the arena, she started to jump in the air, squealing a playful and high-pitched squeal. When I went to catch her, she was vibrating with life and excitement.

My boyfriend and I talked about names, and we agreed that the greatest way for us to honor Sheri’s life was to name our first horse in memory of her.

In the last two weeks, my boyfriend has started our filly under saddle. He says she’s smart, sweet and talented, complete with a special kind of spunk. From all of the Facebook comments I’ve seen Sheri’s dearest friends post, I think that’s just the way Sheri would want to be remembered.

Sheri it is.

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