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Registering Cropout Horses with APHA is Easier Than Ever

APHA logoThough the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) has been registering cropout Paints – those colorful stock horses with Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred lineage only – since 2012, it’s now easier than ever to register these horses with the APHA. Thanks to a new rule change, cropout Paints must meet the same color-registration guidelines as horses with at least one Paint parent. Under the new guidelines, which go into effect immediately, more cropouts will be eligible for the APHA registration.

Previously, cropouts were eligible for the APHA registration, but they had to meet more stringent color requirements than horses with at least one Paint parent. At the 2015 APHA Convention, the association’s Board of Directors voted to pass rule RG-070, which streamlined the association’s requirements to qualify for the Regular Registry. The directors also approved early implementation of this rule, which went into effect earlier this month. Now, to qualify for the Regular Registry Paints, regardless of lineage, must have a natural Paint marking that extends more than two inches above the center of the knee or hock, or beyond an imaginary line that extends from the base of the ear to the outside corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth and under the chin.


The APHA Director of MemberCare Theresa Brown, who is also part of the APHA Registration Review Committee, says these guidelines will help improve the number of cropout Paints being registered by the APHA.

“I have, on average, one cropout a day that crosses my desk for color consideration,” she said. “Under the previous cropout registration rules, many of those horses were turned away because the color requirements were very hard to meet. I expect the number of new cropout registrations and applications to increase with the new color requirement for those horses.” 

Consistency in the APHA’s registration requirements has a number of benefits. First, because more horses will be eligible for the APHA registration, it will help increase the APHA’s market share in the industry. These guidelines help reduce confusion among horse owners regarding the APHA registration requirements, and they will also help provide a valuable revenue stream to the association through registrations, transfers and memberships. These cropout horses are a valuable addition to the APHA industry because they likely carry color-producing genes that might be passed on to their offspring, making them valuable additions to Paint breeding programs as well as the show ring.

As of January 1, cropout registration fees have also been reduced; current fees are:

•    0–90 days after foaling or by June 30 of year foaled (whichever is later): $70 (member rate, online)

•    July 1–September 30 of year foaled: $80 (member rate, online)

•    October 1–December 31 of year foaled: $95 (member rate, online)

•    Yearling Year & Older: $150 (member rate, online)

*See 2015 Official APHA Rule Book for the complete fee schedule, including member mail-in rate and non-member fees

Registering your cropout is easy—submit your registration online at aphaonline.org, print a registration application online at apha.com/forms/registration-forms or contact a MemberCare representative at (817) 222-6423.