New Book Celebrates Poco Bueno And Pine Johnson

NoShortCutsToGloryNo Short Cuts To Glory is a new book that begins with the story of one of the legendary teams in the history of the American Quarter Horse – Poco Bueno and his trainer Pine Johnson. Together, they set the standard early on for power and athletic ability in the modern cutting horse.

The legacy of Poco Bueno as a sire is intertwined with Pine’s life. What was it like for this man and his horse to come together to ride to prominence in the industry? The greatest answer comes from Pine himself and is brought to us by his son, Ken Johnson, in No Short Cuts To Glory. Ken brings to life the horseman that perfected his role as a trainer, and he does it through his father’s words.

No Short Cuts To Glory goes beyond Pine’s years working at such noted ranches as the Pitchfork, Underwood and Three D and the great horses he trained during this time. This book profiles Pine, his training philosophy and his approach to good horsemanship. It is the story of how he came to influence training on an international basis.

No Short Cuts To Glory is not only a candid look at Pine and his ways as a successful trainer, it is the story of how life took him down a path that allowed him to fulfill his dream of becoming a horse trainer – a dream that, as he put it, “…the harder I worked the further I seemed to get from my dream of being a horseman.” No Short Cuts To Glory is the story of the life he lived for his family and his faith in God that never diminished during his battles in life and with cancer. Most importantly, it is a story of determination to overcome despair.

Bloodstock analyst Larry Thornton said of No Short Cuts To Glory, “I am fascinated by the personal insight Ken Johnson gives through his father’s words. I have long wondered about Pine’s association with the great mare Billie Silvertone. This book answers that question and some others that have been on my mind. As a cancer survivor and with the faith I found through my ordeal, I find this to be the story of a man whose faith in God should be a life lesson for all. This book will be a highlight of my collection on the history of the American Quarter Horse.”

No Short Cuts To Glory can be ordered online.