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What Happened To This Rider’s Jeans?

DMT buttonsThe buttons on this riders spurs have brushed against the inside of his jeans as he was running to flank calves. The spur buttons tore through them causing him to trip and fall.

This is a very dangerous situation when working with horses and cattle. If you’re running to close a gate or throw a calf the last thing you need is to trip and fall. It could be even worse if you’re working on foot in a pen of cattle, sacking out a colt that spooks or if you’re a calf roper, steer roper, goat tier or ride in any other discipline that requires dismounting and running.

Inside button covers on spur straps are not very common and may seem unnecessary but they are important for riders safety. All Dennis Moreland Tack spur straps are handmade with small teardrop shaped pieces of leather sewn tightly over the inside spur button to completely cover it. It makes your spurs safer and  more functional, and it looks good on the straps.

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