2014 Western Bloodstock Producers Sale

Western Bloodstock Producers Sale
Held December 10, 2014
57 horses consigned
$524,350 gross for a $9,199 average
54 sold (95%), $496,850 net, $9,201 average and $8,000 median.

Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

1            Metallic Al            $30,000
(5/29/2013 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x TM Smart Alexis x Smart Little Lena); Jerry Rava; Scotty Rice.

2            Playadualin            $25,000
(4/10/2013 gray s) (Playgun x Hyadualin Darlin x Dual Pep); Dr. David Hartman; Kenneth Munsell.

3            Pepto Solution            $20,000
(1/1/2006 sorrel m) (Peptoboonsmal x Smart Solution x Smart Little Lena); Bred to Playgun; Dr. David Hartman; Alan Chappell.

4            Cutters Edge Cat            $19,500
(1/1/2006 sorrel m) (High Brow Cat x PS Tell Grandma x Doc O Lena Twist); Bred to One Time Pepto; David Barr/Rosemont Cattle Co.; Jared Lesh.

5/6            MH Im Into Cutting            $16,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2002 black m) (Kits Little Garfield x Santa Belle x Doc’s Hickory); Bred to Rockin W; Brandon & Dena Bowers.

5/6            Reyoasted Peanut            $16,500
(3/1/2013 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Justapepto x Peptoboonsmal); Leea Arnold/Dudley Caraway; James Hooper.

7            Playguns Patch            $15,750
(4/15/2013 gray s) (Playgun x Patches Smooth Blues x Smooth As A Cat); Dr. David Hartman; Robert Chown.

8/10            Audrey Cat            $15,000
(1/1/2007 sorrel m) (High Brow Cat x Dual Reys Heart x Dual Rey); Bred to One Time Royalty; Brenda Berry; Randle Tune.

8/10            Auspicious Missy            $15,000
(3/18/2013 sorrel m) (Auspicious Cat x Mereyda x Dual Rey); Cannon Quarter Horses; Mary Lyons.

8/10            RR Dual Reys Playboy            $15,000
(5/19/2013 bay s) (Dual Rey x Playboys Mom x Freckles Playboy); Alan Chappell; Chad Russell.

11            This Blonds Not Easy            $12,500
(3/18/2013 sorrel m) (Boon A Little x Sweet Lil Rey x Dual Rey); Vision Farms; Bill & Catherine Lacy.

12            Zoe Sugar Pep            $12,000
(1/1/2002 sorrel m) (Little Trona x Clemgils Sugar Lady x Mr San Peppy); Bred to Dual Rey; David Barr/Rosemont Cattle Co.; Ken Williams.

13            RN Half A Spoonful            $11,200
(1/1/2006 red roan m) (Hes A Peptospoonful x Fifty Percent CD x CD Olena); Bred to High Brow CD; CAP Livestock; Jared Lesh.

14/17            Ask Syrey            $10,500
(1/1/2010 chestnut m) (Dual Rey x Haida Ho x Haidas Little Pep); Bred to Smooth As A Cat; Double Dove Ranch; Susie Reed.

14/17            Ichis Ice Man            $10,500
(4/20/2013 sorrel s) (Cat Ichi x Starlights Love x Grays Starlight); EE Ranches, Inc.; Priscilla Crawley.

14/17            Name Pending            $10,500
(4/22/2013 bay s) (Auspicious Cat x Miss Hickory Wheel x Doc’s Hickory); Dufurrena Cutting Horses; Julie Woollam.

14/17            Zig E Hughes            $10,500
(2/15/2013 sorrel m) (Thomas E Hughes x Hylo Acre x Bob Acre Doc); Clay & Jodie Cerny; Hayden Upton.

18            Desirable N Stylish            $10,200
(2/22/2013 sorrel g) (Stylish Rey x Desirable And Catty x High Brow Cat); Charles Yahnke; Chris Bennight.

19            San Tule San Doc            $10,000
(1/1/2003 sorrel m) (San Tule Freckles x Sheyssmartlittlelena x Smart Little Lena); Bred to Bet Hesa Cat; RS Ranch; Alan Chappell.

20            CC Auspicious Memory            $9,500
(4/15/2013 sorrel m) (Auspicious Cat x Sanjo Sara x San Jo Lena); Dufurrena Cutting Horses; Nick Odell.

21/22            Lizzabellum            $9,000
(5/10/2013 sorrel m) (Lizzys Gotta Player x Docs Stylenaette x Docs Stylish Oak); Drummond Land & Cattle Co.; Phil/Mary Ann Rapp.

21/22            Smoothe And Jazzy            $9,000
(4/22/2013 sorrel m) (Smoother Than A Cat x Starlight And Jazz x Grays Starlight); Flynn Stewart, Agent; Dan Caetano.

23            Cash Revolution            $8,700
(2/7/2013 buckskin m) (Einsteins Revolution x Nu Cash Box x Shining Spark); D Ring Ranch; Carlos Deleu.

24            EE Playing For Ichi            $8,250
(1/26/2013 bay s) (Cat Ichi x Royal Replay x Freckles Playboy); EE Ranches, Inc.; Jimmy Kirkland.

25            Ichis Jaded Lady            $8,200
(4/3/2013 sorrel m) (Cat Ichi x Starlights Love x Grays Starlight); EE Ranches, Inc.; David Wilson.

26/29            Auspicious Darlin            $8,000
(3/22/2013 bay m) (Auspicious Cat x Hyadualin Darlin x Dual Pep); Dr. David Hartman; Fred Bray.

26/29            Play A Ukulele            $8,000
(3/6/2013 bay s) (Cat A Rey x Royal Replay x Freckles Playboy); EE Ranches, Inc.; Barbara Brooks.

26/29            Playin With Stylin            $8,000
(4/20/2013 sorrel m) (Lizzys Gotta Player x Allota Style Tuit x Docs Stylish Oak); Drummond Land & Cattle Co.; Tim Dunn.

26/29            RN One Million Times            $8,000
(2/25/2013 red roan g) (One Time Pepto x MH Oaks Million x Playboysalittlesmart); Rio Neches Cattle Co.; Jeremy Bo Warren.

30            EE Ichi Nani            $7,800
(2/11/2013 sorrel m) (Cat Ichi x Boon San Sal x High Brow Hickory); EE Ranches, Inc.; Andy Christensen.

31/33            Cash Master T            $7,500
(3/6/2013 palomino s) (Cat T Masterson x Nu Cash Box x Shining Spark); D Ring Ranch; Emilie Sorensen.

31/33            Heza Looking Smart            $7,500
(1/30/2013 sorrel s) (WR This Cats Smart x Smooth As Tari x Smooth As A Cat); Oswood Stallion Station, Inc., Agent; Todd Nelson.

31/33            Tejons Valena Sis            $7,500
(1/1/1997 sorrel m) (Travalena x Peppys Lucky Sis x Peppy San Badger); Bred to Bet Hesa Cat; Lon Goff; Ken Williams.

34            Puddy Isas Puddydoes            $7,200
(4/3/2013 sorrel s) (Athena Puddy Cat x Puppy Breath x Smart N Slick); Jim Bilbrey; Priscilla Crawley.

35            Hickory Special Mate            $7,000
(4/15/2013 sorrel s) (Smart Mate x Hickorys Special Gal x Doc’s Hickory); Dr. David Hartman; Luke Neubert.

36            Checkarey            $6,700
(5/11/2013 sorrel m) (Im Countin Checks x Nurse Bobbie Rey x Dual Rey); Birgit Self; Todd Nelson.

37/38            Kapooya            $6,500
(1/26/2013 chestnut s) (Spots Hot x Cash Moria x Cash Quixote Rio); Steven Adams; John Brown.

37/38            Masters Starlight            $6,500
(4/16/2013 sorrel m) (Cat T Masterson x Sugar O Starlight x Grays Starlight); D Ring Ranch; Darrell Birkhead.

39            Ichis Choice            $6,200
(3/6/2013 sorrel g) (Cat Ichi x Peppy Petites Choice x SR Instant Choice); Three Bar D Ranch; Todd Nelson.

40/42            Goodlookinsonofaich            $6,000 (RNA)
(3/1/2013 bay s) (Cat Ichi x Sheza Skeeto Rey x Red Rey King); William & Billie Aylesworth.

40/42            Peptos Sweet CD            $6,000
(5/22/2013 bay roan s) (Sweet Lil Pepto x CD Good Girl x CD Olena); Dustin & Rochelle Schoneberg; Kenneth Munsell.

40/42            Smart Rey Star            $6,000
(4/5/2013 sorrel m) (Dual Smart Rey x Sugar O Starlight x Grays Starlight); D Ring Ranch; Richard Wright.

43            Sassyonecat            $5,500
(4/15/2013 sorrel m) (Cat T Masterson x One Sassy High Brow x That One Doc O Lena); Gabriel Gonzalez; Patrick Keogh.

44            HB Voo Doo Kat            $5,200
(3/15/2013 chestnut s) (WR This Cats Smart x Hannalena Jewel x Lenas Jewel Bars); Gary & Christi Byrd; Jim Mitchell.

45/48            Name Pending            $5,000
(5/19/2013 chestnut s) (Hydrive Cat x Little Tincie x Peppy San Badger); Deer Hollow Farms; Phil & Mary Ann Rapp.

45/48            Sweet Lil Cat            $5,000
(1/1/1998 sorrel m) (High Brow Cat x Sweet Lil Plaything x Freckles Playboy); Ivan Acevedo; Jodie Fitzgerald. (Sells with 2015 rebreed to Blue One Time).

45/48            VF Smart Katie            $5,000 (RNA)
(2/13/2013 sorrel m) (One Smartcat x Katie May CD x CD Olena); Vision Farms.

45/48            Voo Doo The Moo            $5,000
(2/14/2013 chestnut s) (Hydrive Cat x Hannalena Jewel x Lenas Jewel Bars); Gary & Christi Byrd; Todd Randles.

49            I Gots Catattitude            $4,750
(3/27/2013 sorrel s) (Auspicious Cat x I Gots The Remedy x Smart Little Jaebar); Dufurrena Cutting Horses; Trey Hunt.

50            HBCD Spoonful            $4,700
(2/8/2014 sorrel s) (High Brow CD x RN Half A Spoonful x Hes A Peptospoonful); CAP Livestock; Wilma Motes.

51            Showme Shiney            $4,500
(4/2/2013 sorrel s) (Smart And Shiney x Say Showmethe Money x Nu Cash); D Ring Ranch; Mark Miller.

52            Visions Rappity Cat            $3,900
(4/14/2013 sorrel m) (One Smartcat x Rappatap x Gay Jay); Vision Farms; Stephen Ginn.

53            Smart Rockin            $3,700
(3/31/2013 sorrel s) (Rockin W x Playing It Smart x Smart Little Lena); Jake Conrad.

54/55            Hot Catalena            $3,500
(1/1/2009 sorrel m) (Spots Hot x Lenas War Cat x High Brow Cat); Bred to Chiquita Cat; Stuart Industries, Inc.; Raymond Havard.

54/55            Scoots Toy 013            $3,500
(1/20/2013 sorrel s) (Smart Lil Scoot x Peptos Playtoy 005 x Peptoboonsmal); James L. Eakin; Alan Chappell.

56            Smart Poco Prissy            $3,200
(1/1/2008 perlino m) (Smart Mark x PA Poco Prissy Lea x Peponitas Acre); Bred to Smart Sugar Badger; RS Ranch; Jared Lesh.

57            Ichi Catalena            $2,700
(4/26/2014 sorrel m) (Cat Ichi x Sal O Do Lena x Lenas Rooster); Bob Zachry/Kayla Brackney; Raymond Harvard.