2014 NRHA/Markel Insurance Futurity Prospect Sale

NRHA/Markel Insurance Futurity Prospect Sale
Held December 5, 2014
51 horses consigned
$2,414,500 gross for a $47,343 average
38 sold (75%), $1,834,000 net, $48,263 average and $28,000 median.

Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

1            Buena Spook            $225,000
(1/29/2012 black m) (Smart Spook x Chex Drive x Bueno Chexinic); Prospects Unlimited LLC; Geir Ramleth.

2            Xtra Voodoo Doc            $220,000
(5/3/2012 bay s) (Shiners Voodoo Dr x Call Me Miss Hickory x Doc’s Hickory); Xtra Quarter Horses; Roger Parks.

3            Pending/Shiners Crystal            $210,000
(2/23/2012 palomino s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Shiners Crystal x Shining Spark); Garth Brown, Agent; Geir Ramleth.

4            Tinsel N Starlight            $110,000
(2/9/2012 sorrel s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Starlight Abita Lena x Paddys Irish Whiskey); Ronald Thompson; Geir Ramleth.

5/6            CC Nite Rider            $100,000
(1/6/2012 sorrel s) (Gunners Special Nite x QHR Jamaica Express x Zan Parr Express); Brent Loseke; Andre & Melanie Saphoerster.

5/6            Gunnaflashmytrash            $100,000
(5/5/2012 red dun m) (Gunnatrashya x Dun It With Flair x Smart Like Juice); Brindi Hansen; Tamarack Ranch LLC.

7            Electric Skeet            $77,000 (RNA)
(5/16/2012 sorrel s) (Jacs Electric Spark x Smart Lady Skeet x Smart Chic Olena); Marc/Kathy Gordon.

8            Spinderellas Dream            $75,000 (RNA)
(4/19/2012 palomino m) (Magnum Chic Dream x Custom Spinderella x Custom Crome); Jordan Larson, Agent for Heritage Farms.

9/11            Hangin With A Fox            $70,000 (RNA)
(3/26/2012 chestnut m) (Jacs Electric Spark x Hang With Me x Hangten Peppy); Vittorio Rabboni.

9/11            Has A Tradition Step            $70,000 (RNA)
(4/24/2012 palomino s) (Wimpys Little Step x DA Steady Lil Peppy x Steady Tradition); Baruch Reining Horses.

9/11            Jacs Tom Riddle            $70,000
(3/17/2012 buckskin s) (Jacs Electric Spark x The Bun Is Dun x Hollywood Dun It); Vittorio Rabboni; Cam Bearden.

12/13            KR Surfs Up            $50,000
(5/11/2012 bay s) (Hang Ten Surprize x Pima Pine Olena x Great Red Pine); Tallone Reining Horses; Mary Howard.

12/13            Showoff Spooks            $50,000 (RNA)
(2/11/2012 bay s) (Spooks Gotta Gun x Showtime Jayne x Boomernic); Fappani Performance Horses, Agent for Koby Kempel.

14            Einsteins Top Whiz            $48,500
(2/6/2012 dun s) (Einsteins Revolution x KR Samantha x Topsail Whiz); Jared Leclair, Agent; Julie Ridgeway.

15            Wimpin Aint Easy            $44,000 (RNA)
(5/7/2012 palomino s) (Wimpys Little Step x Janie Be Nimble x The Jac Be Nimble); Sean Johnson Performance Horses.

16            Magnums Commander            $40,000
(5/12/2012 palomino s) (Magnum Chic Dream x Miss Bam Bam Command x Docs Fritzie Command); Vaughn Zimmerman; Geir Ramleth.

17/18            Shinee Gun            $39,000
(3/15/2012 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Sparking Train x Shining Spark); Jennifer Gilliam/Janiene Borror; Tzvika Knaani.

17/18            Tricky Code            $39,000
(2/1/2012 sorrel s) (Electric Code x Miss Trickynic x Reminic); Cody Stark; Maria Danieli.

19            Gunna Step            $38,000 (RNA)
(4/1/2012 chestnut m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Leolita Step x Forty Seven); McQuay Stables, Inc..

20            Spookismatic            $35,000
(5/24/2012 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x Shes Cowismatic x Lenas Wright On); Justin & Mitzi Martin; Daniel Bouchard.

21/22            The Right Zip Code            $33,000
(5/17/2012 sorrel s) (Electric Code x Lotsa Little Peppy x Doc O Lena Twist); Cody Stark, Agent for Kjersten Davis; Tom Foran.

21/22            Wimpys Coded Chex            $33,000 (RNA)
(2/12/2012 sorrel s) (Wimpys Little Step x Hot Coded Candy x The Hot Express); Xtra Quarter Horses.

23/25            Legend Slides Wright            $31,000
(5/3/2012 chestnut s) (Custom Legend x She Slides Wright x Smart Little Lena); Francois Gauthier, Agent for Steve Worman; Tish Fappani.

23/25            Passions Wimpy Kid            $31,000
(5/28/2012 palomino s) (Wimpys Little Step x Roosters Passion x SR Roosters Kid); Jackson Porath, Agent for George & Robyn King; Dr. Larry Lether.

23/25            Wally Wonka Whiz            $31,000
(4/29/2012 sorrel s) (Walla Walla Whiz x Pocita Senorita x Smart Chic Olena); Bud Roebuck, Agent for Jack Scarborough; Jim Royer.

26            Stylin Little Step            $28,500
(3/23/2012 sorrel m) (Wimpys Little Step x Stylish N Spooky x Grays Starlight); Marc/Kathy Gordon; Susan Likes.

27/30            Evolutions            $28,000 (RNA)
(5/29/2012 bay m) (Einsteins Revolution x Coronas Affair x Corona Cody); Darling 888 Ranch.

27/30            Liberty Chic            $28,000
(5/22/2012 bay m) (Gallo Del Cielo x Nuthin Chic x Smart Chic Olena); Garth Brown, Agent for Independence Farms; James Summers.

27/30            Shes A Smoken Gun            $28,000
(2/26/2012 bay m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Smart Scat x Smart Starbuck); Sunrise Ranch; Nilson Correia.

27/30            Tagged A Mizzen            $28,000
(2/22/2012 palomino m) (Whiz N Tag Chex x Mizzen Shine x Shining Spark); Jared Leclair, Agent; Laurie Deleu.

31            Dreamin With Dot            $27,500 (RNA)
(3/30/2012 chestnut s) (Magnum With A Dream x Dots Smartest Chic x Smartest Chic Olena); Josh Visser.

32/33            Smart Bills            $25,000
(5/7/2012 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x Bills Bingo Beauty x Itsa Bingo Greyhound); Tallone Reining Horses; Georg Hiltner.

32/33            Smokin On A Mercedes            $25,000 (RNA)
(2/23/2012 sorrel m) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Smokin On Wednesday x Colonels Smoking Gun); Hershel/Shannon Reid.

34/35            Collenas Little Step            $24,000 (RNA)
(3/21/2012 palomino m) (Wimpys Little Step x Ms Collena O Lena x ARC Matt O Lena); Garth Brown, Agent.

34/35            Mr Lightning Mcqueen            $24,000
(4/12/2012 bay s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Miss Shining Pistol x Shining Spark); Mathieu Buton; Rob Longwell.

36/37            Jerrys Hot Jewel            $23,000
(2/20/2012 bay m) (Jerry Lees Surprise x Chexy In Jewels x Bueno Chexinic); Pierre-Luc Phaneuf, Agent for Veronica Deans; Rob Longwell.

36/37            Wimpys Forty Five            $23,000
(2/9/2012 sorrel s) (Wimpys Little Step x Select A Forty Five x Smokin 45); Jordan Larson, Agent; Tzvika Knaani.

38            Drive By Shootin            $20,500
(4/20/2012 chestnut s) (Gunners Special Nite x Hollywoods Peppy Gal x Hollywood Dun It); Ronald Thompson; Steve Munoz.

39/43            Lil Ruf N Rowdy            $20,000
(3/26/2012 black s) (Rowdy Yankee x Ruf Ride x Lil Ruf Peppy); Francois Gauthier, Agent for Steve Worman; Mario Madrigal.

39/43            Magnum Full Of Roses            $20,000
(5/15/2012 sorrel g) (Magnum Chic Dream x Snowmans Rose x Snowman Doc); Jeromy Lipps; Kyle Deshotels.

39/43            Red Hot Tinseltown            $20,000
(3/12/2012 red dun m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Red Hot Footwork x Footworks Finest); Matt Armenta, Agent for Rolling Hills Ranch LLC; Everett Wiggins.

39/43            Stunt Man Mercedes            $20,000
(2/23/2012 sorrel g) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Hollywood Stunt Girl x Hollywood Dun It); Bob Loomis; Peggy Lovejoy.

39/43            War Horse Mercedes            $20,000
(3/27/2012 brown s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Ebony Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Bob Loomis; Pietro Marseplia.

44            Stars On The Waves            $19,000 (RNA)
(4/3/2012 sorrel m) (Tidal Wave Jack x Star CD x CD Olena); Koby Kile, Agent for Oso Horses/Todd Kile.

45            Brand New Trash            $18,500
(4/30/2012 chestnut s) (Gunnatrashya x Whizout Brand x Topsail Whiz); Jordan Larson, Agent; Verena Klein.

46            Roblee            $16,000
(2/21/2012 palomino s) (Nic It In The Bud x Shining Smarty x Shining Spark); Baruch Reining Horses; Tom Foran.

47            Playgirls Magnum            $15,000
(5/29/2012 sorrel m) (Magnum Chic Dream x Play Acre x Bob Acre Doc); John Amabile, Agent for Monte Strusiner; Sherry Wayne.

48            GH Chick Revolution            $14,000
(3/16/2012 black m) (Einsteins Revolution x A Chic With Crome x Custom Crome); Baruch Reining Horses; Sam & Linda Bourn.

49            Whiz With Crome            $11,500
(3/11/2012 sorrel g) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Foxy Lil Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Bob Loomis; Sam & Linda Bourn.

50            Custom Slides Wright            $10,000
(3/17/2012 sorrel m) (Custom Crome x She Slides Wright x Smart Little Lena); Steve Simon; Sam & Linda Bourn.

51            Saturdaenite Special            $8,500
(4/8/2012 sorrel m) (Gunners Special Nite x BH Top Gun x Be Aech Enterpise); Tanya Jenkins; Jeremy Riggs.