The Dennis Moreland Tack Starting Bosal

DMTbosalDennis Moreland Tack Starting Bosal“After the colts get to coming around with the snaffle bit, they can be double reined into the hackamore. Double reining is to put both the hackamore and snaffle on at the same time. Both the reins are used at the same time and gradually the hackamore reins are used more than the snaffle bit reins, until the colt gets used to turning on the hackamore reins entirely.*”

“The secret to making a finished stock horse lies in the way the reins are handled.*” There is nothing that can be put on his head that will force him to stop or turn properly unless he knows where to put his feet. …his feet have to be positioned before he can do it right and his feet are positioned by the way the reins are handled on his head.*”

The Dennis Moreland Starting Bosal is designed for use on horses making that all-important training transition from the snaffle to hackamore. The balance in this bosal allows signals to be given and released quickly and accurately thereby allowing you clear communication for foot positioning with light hands. The soft nylon parachute cord nose button is easy on the sensitive noses of young horses.

Available with your choice of California hanger or headstall with fiador and a variety of mecates. Mecates can be tied before shipment to you. From $135.00.

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*Ed Connell, 1952; 18th printing December 1994, Hackamore Reinsman, Katy TX, Lennoche Publishers, ISBN 0-9648385-0-8.

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