What Are Naturally Weighted Reins?

reinsA weighted rein refers to a rein that is heavier on one or both ends. Naturally weighted reins are cut from hides that are specifically chosen for their weights and thicknesses. No extra leather or additional materials are added to the them. Notice in the picture the difference in the thicknesses of the tail, center and bit ends of this pair of reins.

Hides are thickest and therefore heaviest in the neck region, slightly less thick and less heavy in the butt which carries through the back and thinner and lightest in the shoulder. To cut good bridle reins only very good hides can be used. The hides are laid out flat and the reins are cut across the entire length of each hide with the thicker, heavier areas of the hides becoming the tail and bit ends of the reins. The heavy neck end of the hide that becomes the tails of the reins balances out the slightly less heavy but longer butt end of the hide which becomes the bit ends. This gives the bridle reins balance in your hands and a nice drape.

The biggest key to making very good naturally weighted reins is realizing and culling hides that will not make a premium set of reins! Only the most dense, tightest fibered hides go into making a harness leather bridle rein that, once you ride with it, you’ll never want to ride with any other. “To have a horse with feel your reins have got to have feel”. Curly Tully

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