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NCHA Unveils New Senior World Tour

GaryAlyciaB LizzardLick 13 MTSenior riders, such as 2013 NCHA Futurity Senior Open Champion Gary Bellenfant, pictured with wife Alycia and Lizzard Lick, will have more opportunities in 2015.On Nov. 7, the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) announced a new Horizon/NCHA Senior World Tour to take place during the 2015 point year.

The Horizon/NCHA Senior World Tour will give open, non-pro and amateur riders who are 60 years of age or older and meet all other NCHA rules regarding status and membership the chance to compete for a Horizon Senior World Championship. A Senior World Champion will be crowned at the World Champions award banquet during the 2015 NCHA Futurity, where the top 15 in all eligible classes will also be recognized. The High Point and Reserve High Point Senior Riders will receive an all-expenses-paid vacation to the 2016 Horizon Yacht Rendezvous, a spring event held annually in the Bahamas/Florida Keys at a luxury yachting resort.

“We are excited to introduce this new showing concept through our new partnership with Horizon Yachts,” said NCHA Executive Director Jim Bret Campbell. “This gives us an opportunity to celebrate our senior members as they continue to strive for success in the arena. A large portion of our senior competitors are breeders and owners at various levels in the business, and I believe this tour will play a vital role in giving back to a bracket that is deeply invested in cutting.”

Senior open riders can earn points in the Open, $15,000 Novice and the $5,000 Novice. Senior World Champions and the top 15 will also be recognized in the Non-Pro, the $15,000 Non-Pro, $5,000 Novice Non-Pro, $50,000 Amateur, $35,000 Non-Pro, $15,000 Amateur and the $2,000 Limit Rider class.

“We are also excited to announce our partnership with Horizon Yachts,” Campbell said. “NCHA members enjoy a wide variety of activities in addition to competing in cutting events. Horizon Yachts is a natural fit for introducing multiple ways for senior exhibitors to enjoy their time. We want to thank Horizon for being the key to launching this opportunity for senior exhibitors to gain more opportunities to show their horses.”

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