2014 NRCHA Performance Horse Sale

NRCHA Performance Horse Sale
Held October 3, 2014
34 horses consigned
$350,100 gross for a $10,297 average
22 sold (65%), $203,800 net, $9,264 average and $5,875 median.
Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

203            Corona Red Chex            $9,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2009 sorrel s) (Bueno Cash Quixote x Kings Gold Cody x Corona Cody); Nicholas Canino.

204            Kick Up The Lights            $24,500
(1/1/2010 bay g) (CD Lights x Kickback Nic x Nic It In The Bud); John Prudden; York Performance Horses/Kristen York.

205            One Pearl At A Time            $7,000
(1/1/2009 bay m) (One Time Pepto x Precious Lil Pearl x Travalena); Sprig Haven Farms; Mike Lyons.

206            Feathers And Cash            $27,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2006 red roan m) (Cats Red Feather x Splash A Lil Cash x Nu Cash); Miller Land & Livestock.

207            Shesallcat            $16,500
(1/1/2006 red dun m) (High Brow Cat x Starlit Fancy Lynx x Grays Starlight); Jenny Sherbo; Jan Handtmann.

208            Mc Peolena Play            $14,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2003 chestnut s) (Dual Pep x Little Nurse Lena x Doc O’Lena); P.D. Livestock.

209            Cock A Doodle Rooster            $1,700
(1/1/2009 chestnut g) (Roo Star x Remaliah Pep x Smart Little Pepinic); Ann Marie Clary; Jessamy German.

210            Lil Shiney Uno            $7,750
(1/1/2009 red roan g) (Shine Like Diamonds x Shiney Little Uno x Little Pat Uno); Nicholas Canino; Vineyard Cattle Co./Toby Vineyard.

211            Dual Smart Peppy            $13,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2009 brown s) (Mister Smart Remedy x Peppys Sassy Hobby x Little Peppy Lynx); Virgil Cotter.

212A            Paid By Starlight            $5,250
(1/1/2007 palomino m) (Bueno Starlight x Pay Me Pay Me x Paid By Chic); Nicholas Canino; Ole Cutter Farm/George Bello.

213            Dryfireslittlelena            $6,000
(1/1/2009 gray m) (PG Dry Fire x Jiggs Dry Jewel x Lenas Smart Jiggs); Vicki Cantlon; Jake Telford.

214            Lenas It Man            $8,500
(1/1/2010 bay g) (Play It Out x Lenas Remmi x Reminic); Alan Chappell; Roeser Ranch Co./Dan Roeser.

215            Asmoken Shiner            $3,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2003 red roan/overo m) (Smokin Chic Olena x Shinaka x Shining Spark); Diana Ceresola Pishos.

216            Cougarey            $6,250
(1/1/2009 sorrel m) (Rey Dual x Cougars Hickory x Doc’s Hickory); John Bishop; Alan Chappell.

217            Late Night Deposit            $6,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2006 black m) (Night Deposit Chex x Zans Bluebonnet x Zans Diamond Sun); Nicholas Canino.

219            Red Horn Lights            $15,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2009 chestnut m) (CD Lights x Smart Little Janie x Smart Little Pistol); Hanley Ranch.

220            Montana Monkey            $4,000
(1/1/2000 blue roan m) (Money Cue Bar x Doc O The Bay x Montana Doc); Tim Swickard; Dean/Sharon Rhodes.

222            Nics Highbrow            $20,000
(1/1/2010 sorrel g) (Smart Lil Highbrow x Nics Pep x Mister Dual Pep); Mary Capone; George Shine.

223            Mosa This Cats Black            $24,000
(1/1/2007 black m) (WR This Cats Smart x Travalin Miss Mosa x Travalena); Mark Broechek; Nathan McAdams.

224            Misters Smart Dezign            $4,000
(1/1/2009 sorrel s) (Mister Dual Pep x A Smart Dezign x Chic A Dez); Diamond H Ranch; Roeser Ranch Co./Dan Roeser.

225            Fancy N Taz            $2,900
(1/1/2004 black m) (Pepto Taz x Smile Ima Lena x Doc O’Lena); John/Michelle Bishop; Jessamy German.

226            Nics Flashy Dresser            $20,000
(1/1/2008 black m) (Nic It In The Bud x Shiney Dresser x Shining Spark); Julie Whipple; Zundel Dairy/Bruce/Belinda Zundel.

227            Shiney Little Uno            $3,000
(1/1/2002 sorrel m) (Little Pat Uno x Got Some Shine x Shining Spark); Nicholas Canino; J&S Livestock/Conrad Stiter.

252            Unos Smart Lil Cash            $20,000
(1/1/2011 bay g) (Uno What Time It Is x Okies Second Down x Miss N Okie); Julie Gibbons/Sunset Creek Ranch; Rosell Trailer Sales/Richard Rosell.

253            Shiney Lights            $13,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2011 palomino g) (A Shiner Named Sioux x CD Bright Lights x CD Olena); Danny Motes/Winston Hansma.

254            Barefootandbluejeans            $5,100
(1/1/2011 sorrel s) (Sweet Lil Pepto x Bet Lenas Becky x Bet On Me 498); Diamond H Ranch; Garrell Reilly/Preston Williams.

255            Playboy Sally Wrighton            $6,100 (RNA)
(1/1/2011 bay m) (Shiney Playboy x Wright On Chic x Lenas Wright On); Michael Vantreight.

256            Cats Half Moon            $5,200
(1/1/2011 bay g) (Cats Full Moon x Miss Katie Hancock x Jay Doceroo); Sorensens Cow Horses; Cranches Inc./Billie Filippini.

257            High Stakes Lotto            $2,200
(1/1/2011 chestnut m) (Little Lotto Lena x Catwalk Contessa x High Brow Cat); Michelle Bishop; Alan Chappell.

258            Down To Highbrow            $4,200
(1/1/2011 sorrel m) (Smart Lil Highbrow x Socks Droppin Down x Brinks Royal Lee); Mike Pressley; Diamond J Horses/Rich Johnson.

260            Smart Lil Adell            $5,750
(1/1/2011 sorrel m) (Smart Lil Highbrow x Nics Pep x Mister Dual Pep); Ward Ranch; Sophia Buttars.

261            Heart Felt Response            $11,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2011 bay m) (Heart Of A Fox x SPD Remedys Response x Smart Peppy Doc); Del/Susan Bell.

262            Nickle Remedy            $8,700 (RNA)
(1/1/2011 bay g) (Very Smart Remedy x Peppy Nicolena x Nic It In The Bud); Wayne/Kevie Morrison.

263            Thomasina Hughes            $17,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2011 sorrel m) (Thomas E Hughes x DA Royal Pepto x Peptoboonsmal); David Pratt.