2014 NRCHA Classic Yearling & Broodmare Sale

NRCHA Classic Yearling & Broodmare Sale
Held October 2, 2014
66 horses consigned
$302,400 gross for a $4,582 average
62 sold (94%), $295,100 net, $4,760 average and $3,900 median.
Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

101            Hes All Wright            $1,800 (RNA)
(5/4/2013 bay s) (Hes Wright On x Machs Express Moon x Sparkin Express); Peak Performance Horses.

102            Dual Hearts            $3,900
(5/14/2013 bay s) (Heart Of A Fox x Miss Macy Remedy x Mister Dual Pep); Jon Roeser; Bill Finks.

103            Leo Chic Express            $1,100
(4/12/2013 palomino s) (Sparkin Express x Godiva Chocolatchic x Chocolate Chic Olena); Quarter Circle Nine Quarter Horses; Alan Chappell.

104            ISR Get Your Shine On            $1,000 (RNA)
(4/11/2013 sorrel m) (Little Cielo x Letitroan x Shiners Buenonic); Island Star Ranch.

105            Freckelita            $5,600
(1/1/2002 sorrel m) (Freckles Playboy x Carlita Lena x Doc Oโ€™Lena); Bred to Smart Little Pepinic; Ward Ranch; Julie/Mike Maguess.

106            Double Smart Chic            $6,800
(1/1/2006 bay m) (Sailing Smart x Double R Clone x Double R Doc); Bred to WR This Cats Smart; Julie Whipple; Alan Chappell.

106a            Boomers Gunna Smoke            $1,500
(1/1/2001 gray m) (Boomernic x Whim Gin x Gin Smokee); Monte Nicolaides; Alan Chappell.

107            Miss Smokin River            $1,100
(1/1/2003 chestnut m) (Powder River Playboy x Miss Smokin x Gun Smart); Bred to Texas Royal Flush; Mike/Beth Herren; Alan Chappell.

108            Letitroan            $1,000
(1/1/2006 sorrel m) (Shiners Buenonic x Miel Classic Tejon x Mr San Olen); Bred to Little Cielo; Island Star Ranch; Cody Harris.

110            Pepto Long Stockings            $500
(1/1/2007 chestnut m) (Royal boonsmal x Okie Hy Bingo x Banjos Bingo); Diamond H Ranch; Mike Catalano.

111            Von Do Montana            $10,000
(5/13/2013 buckskin s) (Once A Von A Time x Ms Melody Montana x Mister Montana Nic); Holy Cow Performance Horses LLC; Debby Sanguinetti.

112            Ya Gotta Get Some            $5,000
(5/11/2013 sorrel m) (Gotta Go Get It x Bob Acre Lulu x Bob Acre Doc); Dar Hanson; Mike Knecht.

114            Drinkin Crown            $6,900
(2/26/2013 brown g) (Smart Little Pepinic x Picaboo Smoke x Smokum Oak); Dan Macedo; John Freeman.

115            Smart An Catty            $3,500
(3/31/2013 bay m) (Tomcat Chex x Cling Rapp x Smart Little Lena); Tracy Taylor; Lester Farms/Brent Lester.

116            SJR Halo Cat            $7,500
(3/9/2013 palomino s) (WR This Cats Smart x Sashas Lil Angel x Shining Spark); San Juan Ranch; Bryne Olson.

117            Shady Western Girl            $4,500
(5/2/2013 chestnut m) (Shady Lil Starlight x She Is Inwhizable x West Coast Whiz); Holy Cow Performance Horses LLC; Dennis Hagbegger.

118            SJR Smart Dancer            $6,600
(3/27/2013 palomino s) (WR this Cats Smart x Like A Sundance x Like A Diamond); San Juan Ranch; Rebecca Sternade.

119            WC So Sioux Me Too            $600
(1/1/2004 bay m) (Powder River Playboy x Sioux Bright x Docs Friar Tuck); Bred to Texas Royal Flush; Mike/Beth Herren; Cody Harris.

120            Miss Plain Pepinic            $6,600
(3/25/2013 brown m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Miss Plain Reminic x Reminic); Dar Hanson; John Freeman.

121            Misters Last Melody            $4,000
(3/25/2013 sorrel m) (Mister Smart Remedy x Elans Smart Belle x Elans Playboy); Kevin/Staci Nelson; Nathan McAdams.

123            SJR Smart Whiz            $5,750
(3/31/2013 chestnut s) (Smart Spook x Sienna Whiz x Topsail Whiz); San Juan Ranch; Dennis Hagbegger.

124            Natural Stylish Oak            $3,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2004 sorrel m) (Peptos Stylish Oak x Natural Savings x Natural Enterprise); Bred to That CD Rocks; Marnie Owen.

125            Playin With Lena            $3,300
(1/1/2010 chestnut m) (Shiners Lena Doc x Playin With Roses x Playin Stylish); Alan/Sharon Morgan; Mike Lyons.

126            Be Lona            $2,500
(1/1/1999 sorrel m) (Mister Dual Pep x Taffy Remedy x Docโ€™s Remedy); Bred to Gotta Go Get It; Ward Ranch; Cody Harris.

127            SJR Gunna B Smart            $17,000
(1/28/2013 sorrel m) (Smart Spook x Shirley Ima Gunner x Colonels Smoking Gun); San Juan Ranch; Richard Hughes.

128            Tejons Wild Sting            $1,200
(2/12/2013 tobiano s) (Tejons Peppy doc x Maria Sting x A Docs Special); Dennis Harris; Mike Knecht.

129            Cee Da Lights            $6,000
(5/6/2013 sorrel m) (CD Lights x Mizliz 06 x Lizzys Gotta Player); Clark Butte Ranch; Larry Armer.

130            Mister Im Cute            $3,000
(1/1/2005 sorrel m) (Mister Dual Pep x Plain Cute Sugar x Just Plain Colonel); Bred to Gotta Go Get It; Ward Ranch; Jill Oiler.

132            Teninos Lil Cat            $6,000
(6/7/2013 chestnut s) (Shady Lil Starlight x Miss Tenino Fritzi x Command A Buck); Lisa Rae Huddle; Hoffman Oil Inc./Leroy Hoffman.

133            Just Taken            $2,400
(4/11/2013 bay s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Justa Sugar x Just Plain Colonel); Dar Hanson; Quarter Circle 3E/Zack/Michelle Bunyard.

134            Nics Black Jewel            $5,500
(4/28/2013 black m) (Nics Black Diamond x Jos Shady Lady x Jos Neat); Gail Tyson; Lita West.

135            Scootin Lil Diamond            $4,000
(3/29/2013 bay m) (Nics Black Diamond x Scootover Pepto x Smart Lil Scoot); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co.; Annika Peroson.

136            Smart Taffinic            $3,000
(4/4/2013 brown s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Plain N Taffy x Just Plain Colonel); Dar Hanson; XO Cowhorses/Van Batchelder.

137            CD Chica San Choice            $3,900
(1/1/2005 sorrel m) (SR Instant Choice x CD Chica Sand Badger x Peppy San Badger); Kate Banuelos; Mike Lyons.

138            Mach A Roany Nicit            $800
(5/9/2013 chestnut g) (Docs Lil Bud x Sparkin Mach x Sparkin Express); Peak Performance Horses; Cody/Sadie Smith.

139            Locked And Loaded Gun            $1,500
(5/13/2013 tobiano s) (The Big Gun x Onatru Bar Dust x Jewels In Color); Lisa Rae Huddle; Les Oswold.

140            Be Real            $5,000
(5/9/2013 sorrel s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Be Lona x Mister Dual Pep); Ward Ranch; D.D. Hill.

140a            WRS Quick Silver            $6,600
(4/20/2013 sorrel s) (WR This Cats Smart x Meradas Quick Silver x Meradas Money Talks); Alan Chappell; David Pratt.

141            Tap Out Sioux            $3,600
(4/27/2013 sorrel m) (A Shiner Named Sioux x Six Chick Gin x Tanquery Gin); Thomas Utz; Margaret Greer.

142            Bueno Pepinic            $3,400
(4/11/2013 sorrel s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Bueno Dual Pep x Mister Dual Pep); Ward Ranch; Diamond H Cutting/Harry Smith.

143            Bunnies Dutchess            $15,000
(1/1/2009 sorrel m) (CD Olena x A Short bunny x Shorty Lena); Bred to Metallic Cat; San Juan Ranch; Belle Meade Ranch.

144            Shesa Charlees Angel            $2,900
(5/12/2013 black m) (Mister Smart Remedy x Shesa Charlee Chex x Hesa Commander); TLC Quarter Horses; Rippy Ranch/Anna Rippy.

145            Pepelita            $2,300
(1/28/2013 sorrel s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Freckelita x Freckles Playboy); Ward Ranch; Tom/Carmen Buckingham.

146            Missy Dual Dot            $900
(1/1/1999 bay m) (Dualin Gun x Johns Classy April x Two Eared John); Bred to ISR Fatboy Slim; ISR Fatboy Slip; Island Star Ranch; Rockin S Quarter Horses/Darell/Karen Shank.

147            Ruby Wednesday            $4,400
(1/1/2006 sorrel m) (Very Smart Remedy x Little Coby Chex x Teninolena Badger); Bred to Gotta Go Get It; Virginia Griswold; Butch Mundhenke.

148            Cats Coralena            $14,200
(1/1/2009 gray m) (High Brow Cat x Gunnalena x Playgun); Bred to Gotta Go Get It; Ward Ranch; Coyote Creek Cutting Horses/Art/Sandy Haskins.

149            Jewels CD Rocks            $1,900
(3/28/2013 sorrel m) (That CD Rocks x Sweet Smokin Diamond x Like A Diamond); Robbie Humphreys/Flying Red Horse; Carolyn Shipp.

150            SJR Shinen Angel            $10,700
(1/17/2013 sorrel m) (CD Lights x Shiners Lil Angel x Shining Spark); San Juan Ranch; David Pratt.

151            ISR The Right Won            $3,400
(4/24/2013 bay s) (Little Cielo x Dee Pep Chex x Mister Dual Pep); Island Star Ranch; U-Bar Ranch/Ken Udlinek.

152            Spoonfula Tang            $3,750
(1/1/2008 red roan m) (Hes A Peptospoonful x Cute N Tangy x Tangys Classy Peppy); Kate Banuelos; Alan Chappell.

153            Easter Chic Please            $3,750
(1/1/2009 bay m) (Chic Please x Mrs Tiggy Wiggle x Bueno Chex Jr); Robbie Humphreys/Flying Red Horse; Richard Wright. (Sold with paid breeding to That CD Rocks).

154            Pepanic Flo            $3,800
(3/30/2013 brown s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Miss Mcleoaknita Flo x Mr Peponita Flo); Steve/Kay Petterson; Jagged Spur Ranch.

155            Pearlescent Cat            $6,000
(1/1/2008 sorrel m) (Cats Merada x Precious Lil Pearl x Travalena); Bred to Heart Of A Fox; Spring Haven Farms; The Brim Collection/Greg Bieker.

156            Rihannas CD Rocks            $5,000
(5/5/2013 bay m) (That CD Rocks x Mrs Tiggy Wiggle x Bueno Chex Jr); Robbie Humphreys/Flying Red Horse; Guy Norcutt.

157            Smart Dual Tivio            $1,000 (RNA)
(5/23/2013 chestnut s) (Misters Smart Dezign x Sodas Sweetheart x Smart N Soda); Diamond H Ranch.

158            Solena Olena            $9,000
(1/1/2011 chestnut m) (CD Olena x Shiners Sulena x Shining Spark); Bred to Nics Black Diamond; San Juan Ranch; Alan Chappell.

160            Nics Diamond Roan            $7,250
(3/1/2013 red roan m) (Nics Black Diamond x NQH Blue Moon x Hes A Peptospoonful); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co.; Windstar/Bonnie Windell.

161            Zan Parr Reed CCT            $1,000
(1/1/2009 chestnut m) (Skips Order Of Merit x Nikki Bandito x Santana Nic); Bred to Forty In A Brown Bag; Diamond H Ranch; Craig Wright.

162            Aristoheart            $1,500
(7/9/2013 bay m) (Heart Of A Fox x Aristojaz x Smart Aristocrat); Kathleen Taylor; Travis Lubbert.

163            Tulenic            $2,800
(7/18/2013 sorrel s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Red Tule Freckles x San Tule Freckles); Kyle/Lisa Fahoum; Balzhiser Performance Horses/Dave Balzhiser.

164            This Whiz Plays Awin            $7,700
(4/10/2013 palomino s) (Play Dual Rey x Made Whiz Honey x Topsail Whiz); Tammy Holm; Chris/Melissa Garbick.

165            Echols Little Lynx            $800
(1/1/2003 sorrel m) (Preachers Sugar Lynx x Smart Little Echols x Senors Lil Brudder); Debra Perea; Craig Wright.

166            Peppers Lil Pepto            $6,500
(4/4/2013 blue roan s) (Sweet Lil Pepto x Kings Sweet San x Mr San Olen); Vintage Oaks Ranch; Ed/Kelley Ferry.

167            Poohs Smooth As Acat            $8,750
(4/13/2013 sorrel s) (Quejanaisalena x Poohs Lil Cat x Smooth As A Cat); Judy Bristol; Rocking BS Ranch/Brent Stewart.

168            Buds Golden Sparks            $1,150
(4/2/2013 chestnut m) (Docs Lil Bud x Annas Gold Spark x Sparkin Express); Quarter Circle Nine Quarter Horses; George Bailey Jr..

169            SJR Smarty Cat            $9,500
(2/24/2013 palomino s) (WR This Cats Smart x Shiners Bella Mia x Shining Spark); San Juan Ranch; J.D. Philleo.