2014 NRCHA 2-Year-Old Select Sale

NRCHA 2-Year-Old Select Sale
Held October 3, 2014
58 horses consigned
$1,032,300 gross for a $17,798 average
48 sold (83%), $904,100 net, $18,835 average and $10,125 median.
Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

301            Mi Smart Ichi Girl            $11,500
(2/21/2012 chestnut m) (Cat Ichi x A Smart Laker Girl x Laker Doc); G2 Performance Horses; JR Performance Horses/James Greer.

302            Sonofahat            $9,000 (RNA)
(3/3/2012 sorrel g) (Cat N A Hat x TRR Ms Pepcid Olena x Pepcid); Mark/Carolyn Murray.

303            SJR Bearly Nuf Cats            $50,000
(2/12/2013 sorrel g) (Smooth As A Cat x Bearly Nuf Cash x Miss N Cash); Smoky Pritchett; Deb Jackson.

304            Sophisticated Boon            $20,000
(5/27/2012 sorrel m) (Sophisticated Catt x AR Sierra Dulce x Dulces Smart Lena); Dan/Christie Capik; Curt Fender.

305            Oh My Olena            $5,000
(4/17/2012 sorrel s) (CD Olena x Charcolena x Smart Little Lena); Kingfisher Bend Ranch; Austin Miller.

306            Smooth As Barbie            $6,500 (RNA)
(5/3/2012 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x TRR Barbalena x Mr Sun O Lena); Jimmy Kemp.

307            DB Too Hot To Handle            $14,500
(4/16/2012 sorrel s) (Third Cutting x Mate Stays Here x Smart Mate); Alan Chappell; Bronwyn McCormick.

308            Dash Of Remedy            $6,000
(5/17/2012 sorrel m) (Mister Smart Remedy x Catz Dox Lena x Dox Wired Lena); Virgil Cotter; Silver Spur Operating Co./Thad York.

310            Lose Those Lights            $14,000 (RNA)
(3/1/2012 sorrel g) (CD Lights x Tun Liz Loose x Doc’s Hickory); Ken/Ramona Wold.

311            A Hard Days Night            $8,500
(4/20/2012 buckskin g) (That CD Rocks x Mrs Tiggy Wiggle x Bueno Chex Jr); Robbie Humphreys/Flying Red Horse; Conrad Swanson.

312            Mee Cat            $8,750
(4/16/2012 bay s) (Catty Hawk x ARC Cee Me Please x Chic Please); Todd Crawford; Annika Peroson.

314            Smart Sparkling Wine            $4,250
(3/7/2012 sorrel m) (Smart Lil Highbrow x Miss Gen Wine x Mr Skyline Peppy); Mike Pressley; J&S Livestock/Conrad Stitser.

315            Heart Diggity Fox            $10,250
(3/24/2012 bay g) (Heart Of A Fox x Satin Playboy x Freckles Playboy); Karen/Steve Twisselman; Hat G Ranch/Walter Greeman.

316            Mr Hoo Rey            $30,000
(5/6/2012 bay s) (Play Dual Rey x What Chics Wanna Do x Chic Please); Todd Crawford; Mike McCabe.

317            Very Smart Idea            $15,000
(5/6/2012 bay s) (Very Smart Remedy x Paloma Roo x Gallo Del Cielo); KT Cowhorses; Chris/Melissa Garbick.

318            Forty In A Brown Bag            $6,250 (RNA)
(5/9/2012 sorrel s) (Pepto Taz x Quick Little Colonel x Poco San Lena); Diamond H Ranch.

320            Power Ranger One            $23,000
(5/5/2012 bay roan s) (One Time Pepto x Stylish Lady Lena x Docs Stylish Oak); Clark Butte Ranch; Conrad Swanson.

321            Paying For Plying            $3,600
(6/1/2012 sorrel m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Miss Pepsilena x Peppy San Badger); Ward Ranch; Cody Harris.

322            Little Peptoroo            $4,250
(5/8/2012 sorrel g) (Hick Chicardo x Classy Little Pepto x Peptoboonsmal); Kate Banuelos; Edmund/Cary Dunn.

323            Stylish Metallic            $99,000
(3/20/2012 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Stylish Luv x Docs Stylish Oak); Davis Bros. Performance Horses LLC; Ron Ralls/Kay Rankin Williams.

324            Light And Sassy            $30,000
(3/1/2012 bay m) (CD Lights x Dual Sass x Dual Pep); Winston Hansma; Mark Wrauch.

325            Caymus Pepto            $48,500
(2/2/2012 sorrel s) (Peptoboonsmal x Bet On Merada x Bet On Me 498); Justin/Kelcie Lawrence; Joe Putnam.

326            Lenas Little Cat            $2,000
(3/10/2012 chestnut g) (Little Lotto Lena x Catwalk Contessa x High Brow Cat); Michelle Bishop; Cody Harris.

327            TR Flash Gorden            $7,700 (RNA)
(4/26/2012 sorrel s) (TR Dual Rey x Fantastic Plastic x Whittle Mike O Dual); Jimmy Kemp.

328            SJR Shine On Time            $19,500
(3/27/2012 red roan s) (One Time Pepto x Shiners Little Oak x Shining Spark); Tom/Carmen Bucksinham; Bar A/C Ranch/Alan Mahoney.

329            Shining Whiskey Too            $9,000
(4/26/2012 sorrel s) (Paddys Irish Whiskey x Shining Princess Too x Shining Spark); Daniel Perez; Jeff Fenske.

330            RVS Prima Oakalena            $2,600
(1/1/2012 sorrel m) (Ray Gay Quixote x Oakachic x Smart Chic Olena); Mary Capone; Charlene Boyd.

331            DB Strictly Business            $69,000

(5/5/2012 blue roan s) (Smooth As A Cat x Moms Stylish x Smart Lil Sccoot); Justin/Kelcie Lawrence; Dom Conicelli.

332            R Little C D Cat            $29,000
(3/28/2012 sorrel s) (High Brow CD x Dox Miss N Reno x Miss N Cash); Stan/Lynn Warren; Paul Poor.

333            RL Styling Rey            $30,000
(1/23/2012 sorrel s) (Stylish Rey x Miz Calypso Freckles x Freckles Playboy); Tom/Carmen Bucksinham; Monty Bruce.

334            Jenny Pep            $7,000
(4/12/2012 sorrel m) (Smart Lil Highbrow x Nics Pep x Mister Dual Pep); Ward Ranch; Bidwell Livestock/Charles Bidwell.

335            Shesa Classy Cat            $10,000
(5/13/2012 sorrel m) (Backdoor Cat x Special Aristocrat x Smart Aristocrat); Don Smith; Silver Spur Operating Co./Thad York.

336            Tough N Tiny            $3,200
(2/21/2012 sorrel m) (Playin A Whittle x Peppy Petite Choice x SR Instant Choice); Paula Gaughan; J&S Livestock/Conrad Stitser.

337            Boots Do Bee            $3,500
(5/8/2012 sorrel m) (Cat Man Do x Bee In My Boots x Doc O Boots); W.T. Waggoner Estate; Charles Padilla.

338            Roosterinthecathouse            $12,000 (RNA)
(5/10/2012 sorrel s) (Cats Moonshine x Rooster Shady Chick x Gallo Del Cielo); Nancy Hull.

339            Just Perfect Pici            $7,200
(1/1/2012 black m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Just Plain Pici x Just Plain Colonel); Cathy Maxwell; J&S Livestock/Conrad Stitser.

340            Mic Jagger            $28,000
(5/16/2012 sorrel s) (Colonel Stylish Chex x Ali Hickory x Docs Gay Hickory); Jon Roeser; Bonnie Hawiston.

341            Don Pecas            $7,500
(4/20/2012 chestnut g) (Very Smart Remedy x Playin Whit Tuhnder x Playin A Whittle); Kate Banuelos; Trahern Ranch.

342            Play N It Smart            $4,000
(2/4/2012 bay m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Play N Time x Peptotime); Dar Hanson; BT Land and Cattle/Paul Bonello Vito Antoci.

342            MS Stylish Touchdown            $3,000
(4/24/2012 sorrel m) (Stylish Rey x Pocos Pretty Pass x Lenas Touchdown); Vintage Oaks Ranch; Shining Lil R/Raylene Beeson.

344            Another Heart Remedy            $12,000
(4/20/2012 bay g) (Heart Of A Fox x PSB Smart Remedy 499 x Smart Little Lena); Sprig Haven Farms; Jim Cleary.

345            Pistol Dualin Cat            $4,000
(5/27/2012 sorrel s) (Special Dual Pep x Catristol x High Brow Cat); Debbie Hapcic/Double H; Lonnie/Lori Galvin.

346            This Cats Special            $27,000 (RNA)
(3/17/2012 sorrel s) (High Brow Cat x ARC Specialena x Smart Little Lena); Louis Schuette.

347            Rubies Pretty Kitty            $10,000
(4/16/2012 sorrel m) (Sophisticated Catt x Playin With Rubies x Lectric Playboy); Stephen Roseberry; BT Land and Cattle/Paul Bonello Vito Antoci.

348            SJR Sonja Lite            $27,000
(2/16/2012 palomino m) (CD Lights x Sashas Lil Angel x Shining Spark); Richard/Cheryl Winters; Bill Coon.

349            My Ichi Tule            $2,000
(4/23/2012 sorrel m) (Cat Ichi x SDP Tinker Belle x San Tule Freckles); Vintage Oaks Ranch; 7-X Ranch/Rodney Koberstein.

350            Travelin Lynx            $17,000
(4/12/2012 bay m) (Sophisticated Catt x Travelin With Sass x Travalena); Stephen Roseberry; Lazy TM Livestock/Terrill Ostrum.

351            Mr Peppy Highbrow            $6,750 (RNA)
(2/20/2012 sorrel s) (Smart Lil Highbrow x Little Plain Pep x Mister Dual Pep); Debbie Hapcic/Double H.

352            Sioux Shiner            $24,000 (RNA)
(2/22/2012 sorrel s) (A Shiner Named Sioux x Tarizana x Taris Catalyst); Kevin Colston.

353            Rubies N Pearls            $35,000
(2/10/2012 bay m) (Yellow Roan Of Texas x Sugar Babe Taffy x Master Remedy); Smoky Pritchett; Deb Jackson.

354            All Wright Now            $13,000
(5/9/2012 bay m) (Hes Wright On x Sue C Shiner x Shining Spark); Beverly Vaughn/Triangle Bar V Ranch; Kay Tennet.

355            As Smooth As Sugar            $44,000
(5/12/2012 sorrel s) (Smooth As A Cat x Sugar O Starlight x Grays Starlight); Louis Schuette; Lacey Lommen.

356            Starlight Kat            $78,000
(4/13/2012 sorrel s) (Cat T Masterson x Sugar O Starlight x Grays Starlight); Fred Wein; Loren Macey.

357            Just A Hint Of Pep            $15,000 (RNA)
(5/29/2012 brown s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Just Sugari x Just Plain Colonel); Ward Ranch.

358            Topsails Diamond            $5,000
(4/20/2012 sorrel g) (Chic Man Can x Topsail Smoke N Cody x Topsail Cody); Richard/Cheryl Winters; Diamond J Horses/Rich Johnson.

359            Kiss Me Cate            $9,000
(4/29/2012 sorrel m) (Cats Full Moon x Shy Like A Fox x Grays Starlight); Smoky Pritchett; Twisted Spur Performance Horses/Rob/Lori Flori.

360            Kaepernick            $7,000
(5/11/2012 brown s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Be Lona x Mister Dual Pep); Ward Ranch; Four Quarter Circle Ranching/Jymme Dominguez.

361            GSR Very Special Rey            $14,500
(2/12/2012 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Very Special Lena x Smart Little Lena); Travis Rempel; Mike LaGrande.